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Forum Post: What is the purpose of the AFL-CIO?

Posted 2 years ago on April 16, 2012, 3:14 p.m. EST by Demian (497) from San Francisco, CA
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Every election year the AFL-CIO donates millions of dollars to get the Democrats elected and every year that they are successful at getting them elected the Democrats turn around and kick them right in the teeth.

What ever happened to the Employee free choice act? Where was Obama when Walker suspended collective bargaining in Wisconsin? Didn't Obama make the claim that during his presidency that if the rights of workers were ever threatened he would join them in the picket line? He hasn't done anything to help the American worker. He seems to be passing freetrade agreements which will harm workers of the countries involved. Didn't he make a campaign promise to renegotiate Nafta? Now he's passed this new trade agreement with columbia. How much longer can the Union rank and file take this lying down?

How much did they spend on the Democrats last election cycle 400,000,000$? What did they get for it?

At some point I think that activists on the left are going to have to realize that the Union bosses in the AFL-CIO are not there to protect workers. They are the minions of the corporate democratic party. Their purpose is to funnel votes from the working class to the Democrats and nothing else. Please understand that I am not against Unions, in fact I would like to see the Unions in this country grow and attain real political power once more. I just fail to see how supporting the Democrats is supposed to help. So what is the purpose of the AFL-CIO?