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Forum Post: What is going on ?

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 3:19 p.m. EST by MQ124 (2)
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Never before had there been such social unrest around the world in the quality that we see and experience today? All asking to be heard, included and cared for by the ones who lead. Protests occurring globally doesn’t seem to be asking for endless materialistic demands, on the contrary it demands acknowledgment, consideration and love to be the foundation on which we live, interact and conduct business on.

After all, social justice is not measured by the amount of money received or endless re-formed policies. It is measured by the conviction that we are one family, and due to not having any other choice right now, we share the resources in a way that fulfills the necessities of a disadvantaged person over the one who is able to wait. Much like a family where everyone's connected, supportive and inclusive. Understanding each other's situation and attending to the neediest first.

With this approach, practical decisions change as well. Societies start to think differently, treating the situation at a different level, and understanding that they can succeed only by making decisions at “a round table.” where there is no head to the table. The previous methods are crumbling. The leaders of the old world who have not reached a sensation of the global system are perplexed in the face of the challenges of the new era.

In this new state, a phenomenon is being revealed. The protests does not belong to the left or right camps, does not belong to the opposition of cops or media. It is a struggle for the image of our society, for its transformation into a single whole that is uniform and just. Actions that are based on the unity of the whole nation for a hopeful future! Had it been acting as springboard to a new global mind-shift all along? One of complete interdependency and mutual-concern..

You truly are all a HUGE inspiration!!

Much Love to all my brothers and sisters!



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[-] 1 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 12 years ago

You want to know why there's a global revolution? Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUkgNvvF7Vk

[-] 1 points by prdragon43 (5) from Austin, TX 12 years ago

I am with you guys all the way, but all of you have to rethink your strategy, my suggestion....listen to Max Keiser, cause it isn't just wall street that's causing this economic crisis, The Federal Reserve, IMF, ECB, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, UBS, etc and certain corporations..specifically the energy sector, (oil companies, GE, etc), Pharmaceautical companies and finally the politicians (who are mostly bought and paid for buy bankers and corporate interests). You will also have to look into mainstream news media (Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS to name a few) that are perhaps giving little coverage of the peaceful protest (who are also bought and paid for by corporate interests). In essence, you have to rethink your strategy, protesting is a great start...but you must refocus or in a sense figure out who the main culprits truly are. You do realize that as long as you and the american citizen as a whole keep on feeding this beast, the economic crisis will stay on it's course..This my friends should be a clue, you have to stop buying their products, or supporting the so called too big to fail banks. So again, I urge you to go to www.maxkeiser.com, be informed and armed yourselves with knowledge. Find someone or a group of people to conduct logistics on these corporations and the banking cartel, and revise a strategy that will enable us to bring them to their knees. Please realize that this isn't just a national problem, it's global...once you listen to max keiser, you will have a much deeper understanding of what is truly going on and with this deeper understanding of the economics and how these bankers are committing these crimes, you will have a much clearer focus and will therefore know exactly how to turn the tide in your favor. It's time to STOP feeding the beast and Starve the hell out of it. They say this system isn't working, I say they are wrong..it isn't working for us, it's working for the corrupt people in the system who created this in the first place.

[-] 1 points by anonrez (237) 12 years ago

Hey pdragon, those are all good points and good ideas. Max Keiser is a smart guy and he did give us a shout out in this recent interview on Russia Today:


My impression is that most people in this movement are very much aware of those issues. Wall Street provides a symbolic gathering point for us to converge, discuss these issues, and forge a collective, collaborative, creative response.

[-] 1 points by MQ124 (2) 12 years ago

I quite agree with you that the crisis is so interrelated. It is becoming painfully obvious that the economy reflects our egoistic connections. Now, too, it is obvious that our economy is global. It isn’t just the economy that is global. Every facet of life is inextricably connected. And so much of it is in crisis. Now that it is on our own doorsteps we can’t ignore it. We can no longer function as individualists: Look where that has gotten us. It is time to become an integral global community with economic systems that support this. It is time to rebuild ourselves from within, in our attitudes toward one another. No more indifference or looking out only for #1, but the well-being of everyone needs to be considered. When we are all in this integral, interconnected world, we have to adapt ourselves accordingly. We have to mend the broken connections between us so that we can all thrive across the globe.