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Forum Post: What Have We Gotten For The Trillion Dollars We Have Spent On Wars In Afghanistan, Iraq And Libya?

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 25, 2011, 3:52 p.m. EST by MonetizingDiscontent (1257)
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What Have We Gotten For The Trillion Dollars We Have Spent On Wars In Afghanistan, Iraq And Libya?


(TheEconomicCollapseBlog) Over a trillion U.S. taxpayer dollars have been spent on wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Whether you are for the wars or against the wars, it is important for all of us to step back and evaluate what we have really gotten for all of that money. In Libya, we have actually helped al-Qaeda forces that were shooting at U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan take over the country. Now they have announced that they will be imposing strict Sharia law on all of Libya. After 10 years of having our boys shot up in Afghanistan, the Afghan government is so "grateful" that they are publicly saying that they will side with Pakistan in any future war against the United States. In Iraq, Islamic radicals are beheading and murdering dozens and dozens of Christians and the new Iraqi government seemingly can't wait to push the remaining U.S. soldiers out of the country. We ran up well over a trillion dollars of new debt to "liberate" these countries, but are they really in better shape than they were before these wars? Are we really in better shape than we were before these wars?

Today, the United States military has at least one base in more than half of all the nations on the planet.

The U.S. spends more than 7 times as much on the military as any other country on earth does.

Without a doubt, the United States will always need a strong military. But with the national debt soaring to unprecedented heights, is it really wise for us to try to be the police of the entire globe?

We have poured well over a trillion dollars into Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and we have very little to show for it.

Are Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya safer places than before we went to war with them?


Are Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya producing fewer "terrorists" than before we went to war with them?


Are we safer than before we started all these wars?


Our government has spent well over a trillion dollars and the blood of thousands upon thousands of U.S. soldiers has been spilled and in the final analysis very little has actually been accomplished.

Let's take a closer look at these conflicts and see exactly what we have gotten for all of the money that we have spent....

Read more here http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/what-have-we-gotten-for-the-trillion-dollars-we-have-spent-on-wars-in-afghanistan-iraq-and-libya



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[-] 1 points by e307465 (147) 12 years ago

Each of us have a bill without ever agreeing to it. Doesn't that sum it up?

[-] 1 points by number2 (914) 12 years ago

US military is in 2/3's to 3/4's of the world I read. What do we have? The inability to pay for social security, medicaid and medicare; deceased Americans and Blowback.

[-] 1 points by yasminec001 (584) 12 years ago

We could save so much money and use this to help our country, and eventually the whole world. I would love for there to be peace between nations, but that's probably an illusion for now.

[-] 1 points by GinaLola (210) 12 years ago

I don't know where the trillion dollar estimate came from, but it is way off. We had 5 trillion go missing out of the Pentagon budget before the move to invade and occupy. Then there was the case of the two planes, each loaded with millions of US dollars, sent to Iraq, that disappeared one after another, without explanation. We were in the billions per month long ago. As far as Iraq goes, the Christians are being slaughtered and have already started to be in Egypt. And Afghanistan's opium/heroine trade has escalated by tenfold because we are now officially in the business of growing, harvesting and exporting heroine, which is why we went in the first place.

[-] 1 points by MonetizingDiscontent (1257) 12 years ago

An Amazing Indictment of the Media by a British Reporter Who Was On the Ground In Tripoli


I think that was 2 Trillion missing from the pentagon GinaLola, but your point is very well taken ;) Well met!

Rumsfeld Says 2.3 Trillion Missing From Pentagon on 9/10/01


[-] 1 points by GinaLola (210) 12 years ago

My last comment disappeared. The amount quoted was just short of 5 trillion missing from the Pentagon. There were two separate disappearances mentioned on the PilotsFor911Truth.org website. Then there is the case of the planes, one after the other, filled with millions in cash that disappeared on the way or once landed in Iraq. Supposedly they were flown there to give the Iraqi economy a stimulus package. Like that same one that the Republicans can't seem to pass to stimulate our own economy.

[-] 1 points by GinaLola (210) 12 years ago

Speaking of Tripoli... did you catch the story about Ghadafi being brutally sodomized before they beat, dragged and shot him? I watched it yesterday and it was heart breaking.

[-] 1 points by MonetizingDiscontent (1257) 12 years ago

Yeah it made me feel terrible. If Ghadafi was so bad in the eyes of Washington, (And I was no fan of Ghadafi's) What does that make these guys who's first act as the new people in charge of Libya, who just go sodomize the man before killing him?

Well, I dont think things will get better there for those people there at all, even with this change in power. Just my take though. And we need to get out of these foreign entanglements. Its not good foreign policy to piss the whole world off.

[-] 1 points by GinaLola (210) 12 years ago

If I had to pick the one element that drained this entire country dry, it would be the corrupt policy of pretending to buy our friends and paying our enemies while still underwriting the IMF and NATO. It's surprising that we have any money left at all, which is a true testament to the people of the USA and what we can accomplish. Their has been literally billions of unaccounted tax dollars hemorrhaging out the front and back doors of the US for years, all under the table and not accounted for in the budget that they quote to us on the nightly news. This loss alone, could have easily matched Libya's investment in their own people in terms of full medical, education, a solid home and car for everyone in the USA. Instead, our wealth was squandered on untimely, ill-planned, misunderstood relations with foreign countries and their religious/cultural practices at the expense of American lives and stability for generations to come. And it was all done in the name of corporate greed to open up markets of slave labor and natural resources. As of last week, Obama invaded 4 other countries on the new hunting expedition of natural resources like uranium and sweet crude and cheap labor markets.

[-] 1 points by MonetizingDiscontent (1257) 12 years ago

I've lost track of how many countries we are involved in now. It has to be close to 10. Its too much. We all need to stop for a minute, and ask ourselves, what is all this for? What is all this really for? These are all 'democracy movements'? yeah right.

Great Points GinLola. All of them. Good to meet you.

[-] 1 points by GinaLola (210) 12 years ago

There were two different missing actions totaling to just under 5 trillion. Then they blew the accounting office in charge of the audit off the face of the map in the suspicious 911 bombing of the Pentagon. Some of the best coverage I have found on that subject was at PilotsFor911Truth.org. This was of course, before the real monthly war expenditures began but we were in those areas already anyway. How does one lose 5 trillion dollars exactly? And lose two planes in a row?

[-] 1 points by msantos (131) 12 years ago

Good points made, you're right we have not even unity. we have gotten jack Shit in return. Did anyone else feel safe after sadam, osama and gaddafi were killed? No because there are million of people like them out there. The middle east is no safer than it was before.