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Forum Post: What Happened to the Democratic Party?

Posted 6 years ago on April 14, 2012, 2:36 p.m. EST by TrevorMnemonic (5827)
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The pro-war agenda has gone from full republican support to full democrat support. What has happened in the democratic party is really sad and pathetic. They went from wanting to oust a president because he was attacking countries that didn't attack us to supporting a president for attacking countries that didn't attack us.

...and the democrats never impeached Bush back when they had a democratic majority congress either... sad sad times. Almost makes it seem like they're in cahoots. I remember hearing a lot of talk about impeachment, but I never saw it happen.

We all know the republican party is corrupt. Let's not let the democrat party go that path. For many of you the democrats are like your Obi Wan Kenobi... They're your only hope.

If they supported any of the following, You should not support them. Only then will they begin to adjust and do what the people want. Look at the victory in Iceland for example.

If they supported any of the following, they are not working for you.

The Financial Modernization Act (which helped create the financial crisis)

The Republican JOBS Act (which repealed regulations that were put up after the Enron scandal to protect investors... which was passed by democrats as well)

The Patriot Act (which stole our 4th amendment)

The NDAA of 2012, without removing Section 1031 (which stole our 5th and 6th amendment)

The War in Iraq (which was based on fraud)

The TARP bailouts (which gave billions to a fraudulent financial system that stole people's money and homes instead of creating a real solution and implementing regulations to prevent future problems)

Defense of Marriage Act (which is supported by bigots)

Bombing nations that didn't attack us (which is supported by warmongers)

As you can see this means over 95% of congress is problematic. This might take a while.

Say no to corporatism and war.



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[-] 4 points by Craiggiedangit (99) 6 years ago

Want to know what happened to them? Listen closely...


There you are.

[-] 4 points by TheTrollSlayer (347) from Kingsport, TN 6 years ago

lol, your good

[-] 3 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 6 years ago

War mongers everywhere!

[-] 3 points by Craiggiedangit (99) 6 years ago

A majority of people say it is time for a third party, yet like pathetic beaten spouses they keep coming home to their abusers on payday.

[-] 3 points by Wittman (0) 6 years ago

You are so right.

[-] 1 points by Craiggiedangit (99) 6 years ago


[-] 3 points by EricBlair (447) 6 years ago

Agreed. Note that section 1031 of the 2012 NDAA was changed to section 1021 in the final version of the bill. Additionally, section 1022 (which lacks any protections for us citzens whatsoever) is equally objectionable.

[-] 0 points by veepveep (-7) 6 years ago

How about the alphabet soup of FED lending, guarantee and purchase programs, nearly all the listed programs were created during the crisis -





various swap lines

a temporary guarantee for money market funds

various supplemental financing programs



Maiden Lane

Maiden Lane II

Maiden Lane III


direct purchases of MBS from the GSEs

allowing various investment banks to become "bank holding companies"

recripocal currency agreements



QE Lite


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