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Forum Post: What everyone has been waiting for ...

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 10, 2011, 7:16 p.m. EST by boxertoby (27) from Nutley, NJ
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There is a great deal of criticism by establishment players, professional activists and organizers and within the media that the Occupation Movement is neither sustainable nor purposeful as it lacks a central message.

As the body of the movement is comprised largely of a mish-mash of various factions (socialists, libertarians, unionists, partisans, anarchists, etc) all of whom have their own specific goals and vision for what it should stand for, this observation is not entirely without merit.

Being such, I would like to propose the following:

The Occupation Movement, throughout its various locations and within its various participant bodies, should adopt campaign finance reform as its central issue. Despite the pro or anti capitalist, pro or anti socialist and various other anti-authoritarian and anti-corruption messages being promoted throughout the various factions, ending (or at least managing) "corporate greed" and "corruption of government" is a central facet of nearly all platforms and positions.

And again, despite the variety of opinions regarding overall political or social structuring, nothing will strike to the core of corporate collusion and influence in government more than campaign finance. Politicians are bought and traded every day by financial giants and corporate elites. The democratic process and basic republican theory behind the United State's systems of government and popular sovereignty have been entirely undermined by the ability of powerful and resourceful entities to sway not only electoral processes, but legislative efforts by their ability to fund, defund, support or oppose a candidacy.

This has not only institutionalized the corruption of government, but has also industrialized and dominated popular activism, and has taken control of our collective resources in terms of labor and vocalized populism.

For this reason, I ask that all parties and individuals involve adopt the message and call to "END PRIVATE MONEY'S PRESENCE AND INFLUENCE IN OUR POLITICAL AND ELECTORAL SYSTEMS."



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[-] 1 points by number2 (914) 12 years ago

YES! we get divided so easily by the political establishment. All they have to do is bring up abortion or whatever social issue. I'm a tea partier asking OWS to let us join you in the fight against Fascism. This is why there is a 99% it's not any other "ism" They have labeled me as "radical right wing" because I agree with the Tea Party platform. Don't let them label OWS as "radical left wing" and keep us divided.

[-] 1 points by Faithntruth (997) 12 years ago

It does not end with corporate influence in elections, though. Do not forget the revolving door from government to corporate payrolls, and lobbyist influence and promises of big money lobbyist jobs.

Corporate personhood is a joke. There is a great discussion of this on iTunes in a podcast. People can be punished for wrong doing by going to jail which takes away their freedom to earn, but corporations go largely unpunished even if an individual faces prosecution because the corporation is a collective that does not rely on any one individual. Corporations don't have consciences, morals, or self determination. These all come from the collective.
A doctor or lawyer can have a license revoked--has any corporation had there corporate letter revoked?

[-] 1 points by WhyIsTheCouchAlwaysWet (316) from Lexington, KY 12 years ago

Hear, hear!

"End private money's presence and influence in our political and electoral systems!" Government for the people, by the people! Separation of business and state!

[-] 1 points by Jason4812 (2) from 광주시, 경기도 12 years ago

this would be good. maybe better would be to push the idea of TRASHING REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY ALTOGETHER AND PUSH FOR DIRECT, PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY. given proper oversight (can't afford anymore diebold fiascoes), we can make and vote for our own policy via the net. even the 1% can participate. i am certainly not a child, and i certainly dont need somebody else representing me and my interests. maybe this is naive.

[-] 1 points by Cindy (197) 12 years ago

The entire system is being looked at and there are things we can do first. Putting dollars into the pockets of the 99% by eliminating the current debt owed to bailed out banks. Eliminating payments made to Health Ins. companies until a fair affordable plan is implemented. Ending wages to the Congress until further notice.