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Forum Post: What does everyone want Congress to do ?

Posted 7 years ago on March 6, 2013, 2:37 p.m. EST by ProblemSolver (79)
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Let's see if we can get a consensus on this ..

I would like Congress to place a cap on sales profit-mark-up.

This would prevent the accumulated wealth we see piling up at the top.

1% of the population has 40% of the wealth.

The bottom 40% have about 1% of the wealth.. (estimated)

How much profit should a sales person be allowed to make on selling a product ? Should there be a cap? .. a limit ? Some sales earn the middle man as high as 500- 600 % profit ?

If we placed a cap on mark-up three things would happen:

  1. The economy would start to roll again.

  2. Cost of living would be lowered / standard of living raised.

  3. Debt eliminated.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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[-] 8 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 7 years ago

You think its bad now? Put these losers in charge of something like capping profits. Your profit gets capped, BP gets a waiver.

I would prefer they all take a vacation to the bermuda triangle.

But I would settle for removing their names and party tags and simply putting their horrendous records on the ballot line. Maybe then people would wake the hell up.

[-] 5 points by frovikleka (2563) from Island Heights, NJ 7 years ago

I would like to see our members of Congress be re-educated in a field-work sort of way

I believe the best place to do this is would be in the island nation of Tuvalu in the Pacific

It's one of the isalnds that they believe will have to be evacuated within the next ten years due to rising sea levels

There.... our elected officials could learn first hand the effects of all the crap that they were complicit in promoting

I am not mean or vindictive though, so i feel that we should pick 'em up when the water gets up to their ankles



[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 7 years ago


Tuvalu is an excellent choice. Saw that on a documentary a few years back.

[-] 4 points by frovikleka (2563) from Island Heights, NJ 7 years ago

I worry the weather might be too hot for them there though. Aren't some of the islands, or coastlne in northern Alaska suffering the same fate as Tuvula? That might be a better choice


[-] 0 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 7 years ago

I think they need to endure a little 'heat.'

Actually, here in the US, we're starting to feel the effects of rising sea levels, they're just not talking about it yet. I had the Weather Channel on earlier and they mentioned some east coast areas (didn't catch where. Wasn't paying much attention) bracing for more water damage, but the storm coming was just an ordinary storm, nothing catastrophic. So, I get the impression coastal communities are in for a rude awakening real soon.

[-] 2 points by frovikleka (2563) from Island Heights, NJ 7 years ago

Yeah the Nor'easter is hitting here now. The weather and the Bay (3 blocks away) were really crazy a few hours ago, but the winds have died down a lot. I think it is suppose to pick up again. We'll see, if the flooding is bad soon as the next high tide is around 0500 here. The barrier island about three miles east of me was hit hard during Sandy, and I don;t know how they are making out now.

It's a real problem for the people who want to rebuild because they now have to be several feet higher off the ground, on pylons, I think, and it is becoming cost prohibitive for a lot of people now. I'm 'hunkering' with a cup of tea, and just had some ice cream with GS choc mint cookies crumbled on it..it hasn't been easy ;-)...lol Anyway add to that, the insurance companies have been jerking people around. But on the other hand, why should, and how long should the rest of us bail out people who choose to live on the 'edge, especially considering the prediction of a higher sea level?" What is happening here is a microcosm, like Tuvalu is on the problems the world is and will be continuing to have

While the average home on the barrier island is probably worth $600,000, or more, (many million $ plus homes too) a lot of the people do not make the kind of money needed to rebuild without good insurance settlements, and like i implied many people aren't getting them.

My ex-girlfriend had a home right on the beach, and her home survived Sandy. She had some big bucks tho, and was a direct descendant of the first Secretary of The Treasury. I found it kind of amusing...in a historical sense, of course... after we broke up, I discovered that my ancestors were buried in the famous Princeton Cemetery very near where the man who shot her ancestor in a duel was buried.

On a side note, there is nothing like waking up to the sound of the ocean crashing on the beach..;-)



[-] 0 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 7 years ago

Ah, I thought it might have been your neck of the woods they were talking about. I was thinking Jersey, but, like I said it was playing in the background and I wasn't paying attention. And I did hear the insurance companies have been screwing people around. Seems like that's been 'modus operandi' for the insurance companies for quite a while now. Yet another worthy industry turned into evil bastards because of greed. Where will it end?

Interesting bit of history about you and your ex. And that YT video is heart wrenching.

But, I gotta go. Have to get up early and hit the salvage yard for some car parts tomorrow. I'll be around a bit tomorrow night.

G'nite Odin


[-] -2 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 7 years ago

Can you imagine Boehner, McConnel, Pelosi and Reid all coming onto a job site with me?!! They wouldnt last 2 seconds.

  • McConnel speaks so slow I would have to fire him immediately.
  • Boehner would probably be drunk. Fired.
  • Pelosi would bring her soapbox and start preaching what we already know instead of working. Fired.
  • Reid would start telling every that, even though WE ALL KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, we first should take a few months off and create a task force to see exactly what to be worried about with the job. Again, fired.

What fine bunch of humans we are tolerating these days.

[-] 1 points by frovikleka (2563) from Island Heights, NJ 7 years ago

How could our politicians not be dettached from the real world?

I remember years ago going to the big island of Hawaii where we stayed in a friend's condo which was nice. BUT then

One day we took a tour of the nearby Hyatt Regency in Kona, WOW!!... what a place

I later found out that it was one of the places the elite (corrupt) go to discuss issues,

Or in other words, figure how they are going to screw us, and disguise it in a way that they are helping us

These junkets that are usually arranged by lobbyists are put under the umbrella of a charitable cause, so that way everything looks on the up & up

And it is usually where our elected officials get the chance to meet and mingle with their real constituents, you know corporate execs and big bankers


[-] 3 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

Don't corporations hide their profit already in off-shore banks, big financial schemes to shift money around, shell companies, private airplanes, private residences, limo or auto fleets, annual convensions or meetings in high class resorts, expensive executive washrooms, carefterias, fitness centers, private memberships, Trust Funds, retirement packages, complex compensation packages, big private offices for managers or executives, brand new buildings, new building wings, slush funds for prostitutes, ... and what private vacations, spa visits, resort visits, company trips to Asia or foreign countries to explore business opportunities... called Boon-doggles or junkets.

If there is no Trasnparency today ... they just keep taking profits out through overhead don't they?

The Ratings Organizations don't ping 'em now on their overhead decisions. Any Auditing is done privately and we never get to see the results. We have no rights to the Overhead Data even if compensation benefits get partly listed in SEC Filings.

Instead why not force them to comply with stricter Rules for Reporting their Balance Sheet (like under GAAP Rules).... Reform Ratings Agencies to not take money or gifts from organizations they Rate ... Force Rotation of represenatives from Independent Auditing Agencies, & Force Rotation of Auditing Agencies & Publish the Names of the Lead Auditor signatory so that follow on auditors have to decide if they will break the law for that guy's reputation .... And why not Reform Shell Company Legality - Severly Restrict or Outlaw Shell Companies .... Reform Private banking by Regulating them ... reform Derviatives by regulating them ... reform money going to the UK Stock market Environment by Restricting the Rehypothicating of Assets and Linking Assets back to the USA to provide Transparency and Limit the Rehypothicating of Assets.

[-] 2 points by gsw (3346) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 7 years ago

Put Bernie Sanders in Pelosi's job for a month


Then give democracy to the people where it belongs.

[-] 2 points by Theeighthpieceuv8 (-32) from Seven Sisters, Wales 7 years ago

I'd like to seem them all abdicate their posts.

[-] 1 points by HCabret (-327) 7 years ago

Congress should stop meeting as soon as possible.

[-] 1 points by Stormcrow1now (6) from Jersey City, NJ 7 years ago

I would like to see them get their house in order, reduce the cost on Americans for a government that has it's spending out of control and work towards a balanced budget.

That's all

[-] 1 points by Narley (272) 7 years ago

I can agree with that. Probably not going to happen though. Just too much to ask of them.