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Forum Post: What Did You Dream? Was it about fear, or love?-ABSOLUTES of life

Posted 8 years ago on May 20, 2012, 1:14 p.m. EST by rayolite (461)
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You are mostly an unconscious being. At this moment you are conscious, but still, you are controlled by the unconscious which at all waking moments is 7 times greater in size than the conscious.

This graphic is a scientifically and medically 100% accurate depiction of this natural relationship!


Your unconscious existence is absolutely continuous from birth to death. Your conscious existence is interrupted every 16 hours by a period of unconsciousness.

Whatever you conscious existence is, or was, passes through total unconsciousness during sleep and, logically might be slightly changed or reformed during sleep. Your long term memory is contained in the right brain, commonly accepted by medicine as the primary domain of your unconscious mind.

What if your conscious existence to long term memory could be slightly adjusted each night during sleep states? What if this could happen to large groups of human simultaneously whereupon they awaken thinking they are on the same page?

Because we do not know what we are doing with our minds while sleeping except for scarps of dreams, all of the above is completely possible.

Consider what the imposition of fear does in our collectively conscious world that is maintained by media? Consider what the exploitation of sex and violence does in our collectively conscious world to what the unconscious will allow our conscious mind to have access to. Consider what that does to our capacity to know and use unconditional love in our families and communities.

Consider that our collective economic product has been used for war and is still being used that way, despite the existence of a conscious social contract called the Constitution for the United States of America which forbids such use except under certain conditions which have not been present.

Consider that your natural higher human principle is one of love, because it acts to protect life.
*Familiar huh? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Do we support that? How do we do so participating in fearful internet buzz?

What if we unconditionally support all life and seek to be responsible humans? If we feel and think this notion has value, why would we participate in illogical exercise of fearful, illogical discussion? Why wouldn't we discuss our social contract which millions of our ancestors have fought and died for instead?

Take these words into your dreams tonight with an intent that supports all life unconditionally. See how you feel tomorrow.



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[-] 1 points by Renneye (3874) 8 years ago

Beautiful post .....and how perfectly fitting given that the global meditation session, asking to stop what you're doing at 8:30 pm Central time to take a few moments, close your eyes and think only of global health and well being for all humanity. I think everyone has a few minutes to stop right where they are and project nothing but love, love, love and connect with your fellow human beings across the globe. Won't cost you a penny!


6:30 pm PDT

7:30 pm MDT

8:30 pm CDT

9:30 pm EDT

Deep breaths and positive energy!

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Agreed, however, IF the unconscious is in control, THEN conscious activities will be superseded by unconscious activities. Meaning that IF a person can succeed in dreaming about a social agreement that actually protects "Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness", then the humanity dreaming around them can dream the same thing whereupon the conscious waking state has a deep desire for agreement that is globally meaningful.