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Forum Post: What are you in prison for? Insider Trading?

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 17, 2012, 1:51 a.m. EST by TrevorMnemonic (5827)
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Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's vice-presidential running mate, sold stock in US banks on the same day he attended a confidential meeting where top level officials disclosed the sector was heading for a deep crisis.

Ryan denies he profited from a 2008 meeting with Bush and Obama's Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, in which officials outlined fears for financial crisis.




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[-] 1 points by DanielBarton (1345) 11 years ago

insider trading is allowed for politicians so even if he did use inside trade its legal


[-] -2 points by funkytown (-374) 11 years ago

Go away... really, go stump somewhere else. The only time I read the Guardian is when I am trying to assess American problems of the future; it seems dystopia hits the British far sooner than it hits us - the Guardian is my early warning system. Really, no joke, that's exactly what I use them for.