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Forum Post: What about sex? Shouldn't everyone get the same amount of sex?

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 10, 2011, 6:48 p.m. EST by VladimirMayakovsky (796)
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Should some people be allowed to have more sex than others? Is this what we have come to as a country?



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[-] 2 points by FawkesNews (1290) 12 years ago

Now I'm finally in the 1%. Don't hate me for it.

[-] 0 points by owschico (295) 12 years ago

we all can agree people in OWS need to get laid

[-] 1 points by Allrighty (32) 12 years ago

By news accounts that seems like all they do; willingly or unwillingly.

[-] 1 points by FawkesNews (1290) 12 years ago

The real fucking should be given to the crooks who robbed us.

[-] 2 points by LarryBudMelman (55) from New York, NY 12 years ago

There's a motion on the table to have sex surrogates to give the less fortunate access to sexual release.

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 12 years ago

There's a motion on the table . . . (heh heh heh).

[-] 1 points by MJMorrow (419) 12 years ago

I am surprised that the ultra rich do not outsource prostitiution, what with Elliot Spitzer paying $4, 000 an hour to get some....I guess some jobs, you just can't send to China....

[-] 1 points by Occupy1961 (12) 12 years ago

We need a dedicated tent where we can take matters into our own hand. We'll need a spare bucket though or someone might s lip on the floor.

[-] 1 points by nanook (2) 12 years ago

death to the monogamist cult! anyone having sex should think to invite at least a third or fourth partner before getting started!

[-] 1 points by rxantos (87) 12 years ago

There is a way. Is called prostitution. Something illegal in most of the USA. Which is interesting, as countries where prostitution is legal have almost no rape victims and prostitutes are safer. Legal means no criminals taking control of the ladies. And a mandatory health check on the girls.

(Search Google if you do not believe me).

I really love not being a candidate, I can say things like this and not worry about their implications.

[-] 1 points by EricBlair (447) 12 years ago

You're right about everything but the rape. The prostitutes themselves are raped less frequently. The are in a more secure environment. And these countries also happen to have lower rape incidence in general. This is due to factors other than the availability of prostitutes, however.

People don't commit rape because of a desire for sex. Rape is a crime of domination and violence.

[-] 0 points by HarryPairatestes1 (23) 12 years ago

What an ignorant comment. Do you think rapists are just guys who can't have sex when they want it? Rape is a power and control act, not a lack of sex problem.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) Australia branch posted on their website "Frequently Asked Questions About Prostitution" (accessed Mar. 8, 2007) that stated: "...[I]n cases of gang rape by sportsmen in Australia in 2004, it has become clear that the use of prostituted women and strip clubs is integral to the womanhating and male bonding which led to the sexual violence. The argument also suggests that women who are not prostituted are safer because some other women are set aside to be commercially raped on their behalf. Women's equality requires that all women should be free from sexual exploitation. Prostitution cannot eliminate rape when it is itself bought rape. The connection between rape and prostitution is that women are turned into objects for men's sexual use; they can be either bought or stolen. A culture in which women can be bought for use is one in which rape flourishes[.]"

Mar. 8, 2007 - Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) Safer Society Foundation, Inc. (then known as Prison Research Education Action Project), in the 1976 Instead of Prisons: A Handbook for Abolitionists, wrote: "Three cities which allowed open prostitution experienced a decline in rape after prostitution was again prohibited. Rapists include men who do not patronize prostitutes. Rapists include men who have 'girlfriends,' or are married, or living with women. Statistical studies of reported rapes show that the majority of rapists are well below the age of males who most frequently use prostitutes. Finally, in Vietnam, brothels for the American military were officially sanctioned and incorporated into the base-camp recreation areas and yet G.I. rape and sexual abuse of Vietnamese women and girls is one of the most atrocious chapters of violence in U.S. history."

1976 - Safer Society Foundation Inc. Melissa Farley, PhD, Founding Director of the Prostitution Research and Education, in the Oct. 2004 journal Violence Against Women article "Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart," wrote: "Legal sex businesses provide locations where sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and violence against women are perpetrated with impunity. State-sponsored prostitution endangers all women and children in that acts of sexual predation are normalized..."

Oct. 2004 - Melissa Farley, PhD

[-] 0 points by rxantos (87) 12 years ago

Most of prostitutes problems come from it being illegal. If it where not illegal, then they would not need to associate themselves with assholes and they would have the protection of law (just like in countries that is legal).

Have you done a study on how many of rape on Nevada?

Have you being to any those countries where prostitution is legal?

Or are you just a scholar that repeats like a parrot whatever someone else wrote without doing an actual investigation?

[-] 0 points by HarryPairatestes1 (23) 12 years ago

This is from the University of Nevada Las Vegas study Center for the Analysis of Crime Statistics, State Data Brief of July 2009:

Rape Rates and Legalized Prostitution in Nevada

Nevada is only one of two statesii in the United States that has legalized prostitution. However, prostitution is not legal within every county throughout the state. Of the 17 counties within the state of Nevada, only 11 of them have legalized prostitution. Legalized prostitution is restricted to the rural counties in Nevada. Among the rural counties in the state, those with legalized prostitution have rape rates in 2007 that are over 5 times larger than rural counties without legalized prostitution (Table 2). The average rape rate in rural counties with legalized prostitution (46 per 100,000 population) is also higher than rape rates in the urban counties within the state (42 per 100,000 population). Overall, these data provide no evidence that legalized prostitution may reduce sexual assaults by providing a legitimate outlet for sexual desires. The data are more consistent with the assertion that legalized prostitution may increase a woman’s risk of sexual victimization. Definitive statements about the prostitution/rape link cannot be made because of the large variability in rape rates among those rural counties with legalized prostitution and the lack of control for other factors that may explain these differences across jurisdictions.

[-] 0 points by HarryPairatestes1 (23) 12 years ago

I posted studies from valid sources, where are yours? You spout "facts" but you have no foundation. The sources I posted are from places where prostitution is legal. Sticking your head up your ass to ignore the results says more about you and wanting hookers then anything else.

[-] 0 points by rxantos (87) 12 years ago

Have you being to those countries or do the studies? You have not answer the question.

[-] 0 points by HarryPairatestes1 (23) 12 years ago

What does going to the state or country have to do with anything? Visiting Amsterdam would mean what?

[-] 1 points by rxantos (87) 12 years ago

Would mean that you actually get to speak with the prostitutes instead of relying on third party information. BTW: Amsterdam is not the only place where prostitution is legal.

I guess that your answer is no, you haven't done any study on the mater. You just got your info from books.

Most prostitution comes from necessity (although some do come up from screw up families). And thus until you give a real way to cover that necessity, women will continue to do prostitution (just as from day one).

Now the difference between a country with legal prostitution and one with illegal prostitution is that the prostitute is protected by law in the legal ones (aka they can go to the police if something bad happens) where in countries where prostitution is illegal, they cannot, thus rely on criminals to provide them with protection.

You will also have know that most prostitutes see love and sex as different things. And that they see sex as a commodity to get money (at least in the countries that prostitution is legal). And yes, they have hearts and can love just as anyone else.

In turn, those countries have less rape rates than countries that have no prostitution (a fact you would have known if you have actually being to any of those countries). Most men want sex (blame biology). And most are willing to pay for it, if the system (or their religion) allows it (blame capitalism).

Now if you are talking about forced prostitution. That is a different animal. Which, by the way, occur far more on countries where prostitution is illegal. Legal ones have an age limit, a test for diseases and all the protection of the law.

[-] 1 points by HarryPairatestes1 (23) 12 years ago

Are you brain damaged? "you haven't done any study on the mater. You just got your info from books." Of course I did. Where do you think the studies are published? You mentioned Nevada and I posted a study that shows rape is higher in the counties where prostitution is legal. You just ignore the results and now state I have to talk to every hooker to form a valid position.

You have not posted any support to your opinions. How many hookers have you talked to in order to reach your opinions?

[-] 1 points by Allrighty (32) 12 years ago

Yes. Good point. LOL

[-] 1 points by Rico (3027) 12 years ago


[-] 0 points by invient (360) 12 years ago


This guy is a troll, stop feeding him.

[-] 0 points by pieman (23) from New York, NY 12 years ago

that constitutes the creation of a caste system


[-] -2 points by VladimirMayakovsky (796) 12 years ago

Screw equal rights, what about equal possession?

[-] 1 points by Rico (3027) 12 years ago

LOL again !


[-] 1 points by USMil0331 (-3) 12 years ago

I get it now! From each according to his means, to each according to his need. Right?