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Forum Post: We've been conned!

Posted 2 years ago on Jan. 24, 2013, 12:52 p.m. EST by agkaiser (1416) from Fredericksburg, TX
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We've been conned. Of that there's no doubt in my mind. Most of us are still conned. Even among the awakened the con persists in greater or lesser degrees. So what's fundamental in economy and what is superfluous? What is more or less a part of the con?

No economy is possible without the support of a community. That's the reality, though an individual that lives alone in the wilderness and subsists by it's own production without human interaction may be said to have an independent economy. But that's not reality. Real economy is a community thing. Without community there is no economy and little chance of bare survival. We are social animals.

We learn from one another and pay special attention to our leaders. Over the past several thousands of years, we've been seduced by the notion that mercantilism, trade and finance [mtf] are the fundamentals of economy. That's not so. A real economy is the means by which a community sustains and enhances life. At best, mtf facilitates the distribution of goods in a society. It's not the only means by which people acquire the thing we need to live.

Today mtf has become not merely superfluous. It has devolved to a threat to our existence by the concentration of wealth it has allowed corrupt leadership to perpetrate. The ruling classes incarnate an abomination of human nature through corruption of social instinct, by taking so much for themselves that not enough is left for us to adequately support our lives. We social animals have been domesticated and driven like cattle to a slaughter [debt peonage] that we praise in the name of a free market economy that is neither free nor an economy in any real sense.

There are many paths off of this dead end course laid for the human race, by the greed of misleaders. We can not get the majority to take the better roads until they see the danger of the beliefs that have been cultivated in them by the owners of the world. Until enough of us see that mercantilism, trade and finance are not the real economy we must support, there's little hope for the long term survival of the human race. Until we become abolitionists in opposition to debt slavery we will remain doomed by our common stupidity.