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Forum Post: West Coast 12/12 Port Blockade!

Posted 6 years ago on Dec. 9, 2011, 2:46 p.m. EST by Crimpson11 (1) from Weaverville, CA
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Hold a second. New York Harbor is a major port as well? I really hate to say this but you guys are getting your asses kicked all up and down wall st. Why hasn't there been a call to occupy the east coast's major source of commerce? I think it's time to step it up again. Rally the streets and march to the ports on 12/12 !



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[-] 1 points by Crimpson11 (1) from Weaverville, CA 6 years ago

There's apparently not enough communication than if there's this much disagreement about this.

[-] 1 points by Frizolio (80) 6 years ago

Thus we have the end of OWS movement approaching fast. Port Blockades would be a monumental mistake.

[-] 0 points by theaveng (602) 6 years ago

Because the only people hurt by locking ports is the Shipping Staff who don't get paid when the port is blocked. You are hurting the 99%

I can tell you right now, that shipping staff were very patient last time (when Oakland was blocked). If Occupy Oakland blocks it a second time I don't think they'll appreciate it losing a day's pay. I would not be surprised if some of theworkers pressed-down the accelerator and ran their car directly through the crowd in order to reach their jobs (and pay)


[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 6 years ago

Rumor has it the Oakland dock workers are somewhat in agreement with the idea of blocking the ports on 12/12. Apparently, their contract forbids them from striking (WTF?) so the blockage would be a proxy strike. That's what I read here a few nights ago anyway.