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Forum Post: Well, the police are here

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 27, 2011, 7:21 p.m. EST by ramous (765) from Wabash, IN
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SIT. Go limp. Remain passive and peaceful. Do not resist! The police have a right and a responsibility to move you bodily from areas you are taking from other people, through whatever force is reasonable and necessary and your chance of injury increases if you resist.

They will probably not move you by picking you up, since that increases the risk of injury to you too. You might receive a 'come along hold' like an arm twist, or even some pepper spray. Both are used to prevent injury.

If sprayed: Just sit still, remain calm and breathe through the spray. It hurts for about 15 minutes then dies down and it washes off. Pepper spray is considered reasonable as a police tool against non-compliant civil disobedience in most states. And its safe- every cop has to get sprayed with it.
whether it is considered a reasonable tool for civil disobedience depends on your state's case law. It washes off, people. Far better than breaking your arms trying clumsily to move you while you're handcuffed.

DO NOT touch a cop! Do not get too close to one! They can think you are getting too close to their guns and they have a responsibility and a right to hurt you bad just to keep you away from it.

Keep your hands in the open and relaxed. They can't tell you are reaching in your shirt pocket for a cell phone or a gun. Their reflexes are faster than yours. Courts have upheld accidental shootings by police because police don't have to wait to find out for sure its a gun you're bringing out of your pants. Be smart.

Someone on another post said 'smile'. Damn straight! If you caught the Occupy Toronto eviction, it was calm and orderly because the Toronto Occupiers were smiling and calm! Don't do like NY and antagonize the cops by screaming obscenities in their faces. You're peaceful, remember? Peace. Chill.

If arrested, don't struggle. Handcuffs and holds can get tighter if you struggle.

Getting arrested does not look pretty. You will be patted down because people hide knives in their bras and guns in their underpants and PO is making sure you aren't hiding any too.

If you don't give up your hands to the handcuffs, PO will do it for you. Don't resist. Its not that you're 'being beaten' you are just getting arrested and this is what getting arrested looks like.

You'll be identified and maybe fingerprinted, they will hold onto your personal belongings. They may take your shoelaces and belts. You might be in a communal cell, and police departments are not sexist. So you don't get a choice as to female or male officer to pat you down or search your clothes. You just get 'an officer' as they are all equal.

They will type up any charges. Use your right to remain silent. They will release you when any charges are complete, and you'll get a copy to take to your lawyer.

Look forward to your day in court! That's when you get to plead your case that you were just exercising your constitutional rights. The cops aren't judges, they are enforcers and protectors, they are not there to 'hear your side'.

You get to tell your side to a judge. Get a lawyer, or if you have no money, one will be appointed for you. You can also represent yourself, but if you do that...stay calm, state your case, and have legal backing for your case. (examples of other cases, supreme court rulings etc, just like you were defending your thesis. Do your research and find evidence that supports your stance on the Constitution. Not 'what you believe' or 'what you think it should be'. But examples of previous cases, rulings, or even interpretations of similar circumstances. Come with the documents! You watch Judge Judy, you know you need documents!

You can appeal a judge's decision. You can appeal all the way up to the Supreme Court. And that is where, any changes can be made to the interpretation of the Constitution.

See, that's how the government works, with checks and balances. Even if our elected officials are corrupt and wont change the constitution, you can work changes on it through the judicial branch of the government.

By getting arrested and getting to the judge with a well-defended position. Just don't be injured in the process, that is largely in your control. Stay peaceful and stay passive and you will keep yourself from being injured.



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[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 8 years ago

A long, but valid, post. Full of much needed info. And, sorry to hear you had to disband your local Occupy.