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Forum Post: We, The People, Your Freedom is calling !

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 31, 2011, 1:44 p.m. EST by Guardian56317 (0) from Denver, CO
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As an American, I really believed in those words from the Constitution of the United States of America, really I had . The last 12+ years has seen a major collapse of Rights and Freedoms of the people, not only in America but World wide !

  The normal way of getting things changed hasn't accomplished nothing and this is why I fully support the protest of Wall Street but I really wonder if people really know what is really happening here!

  A few years ago, I suggested a way for things to change and am seeing that now through this protest. I see people from all walks of life Sacrificing their own freedoms so that others may continue to enjoy their own freedom not only for themselves but for their Children !

 The only way to get things changed is to quit working! If you and millions of others quit working, the Government would soon cease to operate with impunity! You talk about being the 99% , well, you need to increase the number in your ranks !

 Not everyone is going to like the idea of quitting work but if you had planned for emergencies like Mother Nature had caused, you wouldn't be suffering right now, would you ? All it would take is at least a few weeks of provisions and believing that the worst possible outcome is death, then you should know what am talking about !

If I didn't have a health condition that would cause my own death because of the cold weather, I would be out there with yous ! I defended your freedom for 21+ years and am not worried about my hide, am worried about the future of Humanity !

  We, The People, You have so much power in your grasp and your only now discovering it, do not let Mother Nature or the Government discourage you from your Fight !



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