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Forum Post: We the people need to start writing the new constitution Section 142 A : might read like this:

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 25, 2012, 5:35 p.m. EST by freewriterguy (882)
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Section 142 A : of the OWS new constitution could read: Businesses shall cease from forcing their products from posting private information online without the customer's express written consent, nor shall they be forced to make it their ownly decision, such as pictures, *.pdf documents, HP printer software, Turbo Tax 1099 forms, including payroll accounting software. Cell phone companies that have booby trapped their phones to save pictures in a folder called "my album" (tmobile) when in fact it is an online folder where .25 cents per picture is charged adding cost to their phone bill unaware to customers who have no text service shall also cease immediately or such companies who fail this order shall be broken up and / or ownership of offending companies shall be immediately taken over by we the people.

Section 142 A. No company online, including credit reporting agencies, and local government agencies, such as business license division shall post or publish or otherwise distribute any information regarding a citizen without the express written consent of that citizen. A credit reporting agency shall not publish any information on a citizen without their permission. Any failure of this shall result in that agency immediately losing all governing authority and financial assets and those assets shall be redistributed to the people.

Section 142 B. Any fine imposed on a US Citizen by a peace officer or any other government agency shall be held in an account to be used by other US citizens in need of the funds collected. Such people may include those who suffered bodily injury from an accident or cannot afford to repair their vehicle, or pay for their insurance, or otherwise afford an automobile. Damage to personal property is also included in compensation to US citizens from collected fines. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL A GOVERNMENAT AGENCY BE ENTITLED TO ANY FINE IMPOSED UPON A CITIZEN, but rather all collected fines shall be immediately redistributed to another citizen in need of those funds. Should there be no citizen in need of funds for these stated examples, then the funds shall be payed for utility bills of a US citizen in need, starting with in priority of need, those citizens who have had one or more of their utilities shut off, or have otherwise been slow at paying their utility bills, or their rent. EXEMPTION: Home Owners shall not be entitled to any collected funds, not until every other citizen is also a homeowner, and in this case, only those who own a single residence shall be entitled to any funding.



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