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Forum Post: we the people DEMAND MADE IN USA !!!! or else don't buy it

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 3, 2011, 7:52 p.m. EST by taxpaying1consumer (0) from Lansing Charter Township, MI
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we do have the power to change things in this regard... before you buy, ask where its made, try whenever possible to buy made in usa, if the store doesn't have it, demand it, politely... the message will trickle up to wall street and they might change slowly if its in their best interest.



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[-] 1 points by ImhotepIsInvisible (52) 12 years ago

America doesn't produce random odds and ends anymore because the economy has moved beyond that...much in the same way that we no longer build looms or "adding machines." The idea to get the western world back on track isn't to have everybody making running shoes, it's to have university educated, highly paid individuals working in labs back home to create the advanced composites for those running shoes.

The world has moved on and it's incredibly small minded to argue that the problem is a lack of menial jobs in the West.

[-] 1 points by Joe300 (30) from Wolcott, VT 12 years ago

The only way to restore the manufacturing base is with a carbon tax. If the true cost(environmental) is tallied into the goods from china/Taiwan/Vietnam then it will finally be competitive/profitable to manufacture in the U.S. again.

[-] 1 points by redgar (55) 12 years ago

Why? Do you hate foreigners? We live in a big world, everyone needs to eat.