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Forum Post: We should take a page from the NRA.

Posted 5 years ago on June 27, 2012, 9:26 a.m. EST by factsrfun (8733) from Phoenix, AZ
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By most accounts the NRA represents about ten percent of people who place guns at the top of their list of concerns, not the 99% that feel strongly about wealth inequality, yet look at the power they wield:





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[-] 1 points by bensdad (8977) 5 years ago

"We should take a page from the NRA."
The vagueness of your title opens up a can of worms.
Something I do regularly.
the key question is

I choose the page with one word on it


vote as a single issue voter to decapitate the greed beast -
sever the money-politics connection

the only way to do this is to vote for candidates who commit to support
a constitutional amendment to
overturn citizens united, buckley, and corporate personhood


80% of Americans agree

[-] 2 points by factsrfun (8733) from Phoenix, AZ 5 years ago

This is the best Amendment suggestion I have seen, it is clear and well written, another thing the NRA does well is remember and the people in Washington know that, we should serve as memory to the American people don't let the GOP run away from and forget that the last time we paid down a bit on the debt the GOP couldn't stop shouting about how Washington was taking in too much money, when are we going to address that? The 1% get away with what they do because we have no memory.

[-] 1 points by francismjenkins (3713) 5 years ago

To take a page from the NRA implies that we would have to have a membership, dues, and effectively become a political lobbying organization, which would make us the laughing stock of the planet (considering that one of our core grievances is lobbying & money in politics).

This is a movement, not a club :)

[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8733) from Phoenix, AZ 5 years ago

Fair point, but the application of political power is the surest way to get things done. If we cannot avoid memberships and dues then I doubt we have the ideals that can rewrite how the country is run. But the power to make congress fear you should be a goal and not considered a "trap".

[-] -3 points by TheMisfit (48) 5 years ago

The NRA represents every American as the 2nd Amendment applies to all. The "99%" that you claim to represent is more like 5-10% of those hardcore lefties who think liberals aren't far left enough. Get over yourself.

[-] 3 points by factsrfun (8733) from Phoenix, AZ 5 years ago

About 70% of Americans think assault guns should be banned the NRA does not represent them, little girls are shot in the street so you can get your hardon, I suggest you don't fuck with me.

[-] -1 points by TheMisfit (48) 5 years ago

The NRA is a group that supports our freedoms with ties dating back to the Civil War. They promote safe, responsible gun ownership. You equate the wrongful use of firearms as somehow being the desired results of the NRA, which is a complete lie. You should not selectively choose which rights you wish to protect. An attack on one right is an attack on them all.

[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8733) from Phoenix, AZ 5 years ago

The NRA are nothing but whores for the gun makers, pouring tools of fear and death into our homes, more people die from handguns every year than drunk drivers and a good number of those shoot themselves almost all the rest are family members, (guns are great for settling who gets the drumstick), and drinking is more fun if you want to protect a right, protect our right to drive drunk that would be more useful than shilling for the gun makers.

But just in case I’m wrong and you like guns for their 2nd Amendment reasons, tell me what would it take for you too start shooting cops?

And how do feel about that guy in Tucson awhile back exercising his 2nd Amendment rights, do you support him?

[-] 3 points by HempTwister (667) from Little Rock, AR 5 years ago

NRA is a gun mfr lobby. This last ploy might backfire, though.

It is shining much too much light on our gun laws. An 18 year old kid can buy 100 assault weapons and sell them in the parking lot? And ATF is powerless to do anything about that?

[-] 3 points by factsrfun (8733) from Phoenix, AZ 5 years ago

They have been "co-opted" by the Republican Party, that's what it looks like in case anyone was worried about that sort of thing.

[-] 2 points by HempTwister (667) from Little Rock, AR 5 years ago

NRA? I think it is the other way around.

[-] 2 points by factsrfun (8733) from Phoenix, AZ 5 years ago

Not this time as far as "gun rights" go it is better for the whole "fast and furious" thing go away, but the GOP wanted the contempt vote to be "bi-partisan" so they called on the NRA to take one for the team, and they did.