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Forum Post: WE Party Committee's moving forward - Next stop Occupy Wall Street

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 3, 2011, 5:53 a.m. EST by WEPartyMentor (20)
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The WE party has helped with the debt crisis in Greece, the unification of North and South Korea, the conflicts with Palestine and Israel. WE can help right here in our own back yard!

Okay here it is.... The Super Committee is going to come up with a plan shortly. Now, lets say there are 100 items on the Super Committee's list. As each item on the list is agreed to unanimously by 100% of the democrats and republicans, that one item goes into the WE Party Committee (www.weparty.info). The WE Party only looks at what we do have in common and has nothing to do with what WE don't have in common.

This WE Party Committee is about moving forward with 100% collective consciousness on what we do have in commom and collectively works on ways we can move forward together. The WE Party Mentor is an online volunteer (www.wepartymentor.info) that helps and inspires others online in a variety of ways. The WE Party Mentors (www.wepartymentors.info) often have WE PARTIES (www.weparties.info) to help and inspire others.

In regard to Occupy Wall Street, the WE Party can help here too! Using the same Pass It Forward Philosophy (www.pifphilosophy.info), we can work item for item and one by one create WE Party Committee's to help us move forward.

I welcome your comments.



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[-] 1 points by WEPartyMentor (20) 8 years ago

Let's collaborate regarding www.koreasummit.info - www.WEoccupyglobalsummit.info

It's just a simple shift in consciousness from I to WE

This past weekend 40+ people participated in a four-hour meeting of Occupy Wall Street activists whose job it is to come up with the vision and goals of the movement. The discussion was both inspiring and invigorating. Here is what WE ended up proposing as the movement's "vision statement" to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street:

WE Envision:

[1] a truly free, democratic, and just society;

[2] where WE, the people, come together and solve our problems by consensus;

[3] where WE the people are encouraged to take personal and collective responsibility and participate in decision making;

[4] where WE learn to live in harmony and embrace principles of toleration and respect for diversity and the differing views of others;

[5] where WE secure the civil and human rights of all from violation by tyrannical forces and unjust governments;

[6] where political and economic institutions work to benefit ALL, not just the privileged few;

[7] where WE provide full and free education to everyone, not merely to get jobs but to grow and flourish as human beings;

[8] where WE value human needs over monetary gain, to ensure decent standards of living without which effective democracy is impossible;

[9] where WE work together to protect the global environment to ensure that future generations will have safe and clean air, water and food supplies, and will be able to enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature that past generations have enjoyed.

WE welcome your comments.


[-] 0 points by agnosticnixie (17) from Laval, QC 8 years ago

The super committee will be agreed upon by 100% of the corporate tools who make up the super committee at least, I'm not quite sure about we...