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Forum Post: We need to unite over singular solution: Mathematically Perfected Economy, by Mike Montagne

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 30, 2011, 12:07 p.m. EST by chelonia1663 (1)
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We are in a worldwide economic crisis AGAIN, and "MONEY" is at it's very center AGAIN. And we have let it happen AGAIN. It is a crisis of money management, and the result of permitting ruthless private international financiers to gain and keep control over "OUR" money AGAIN. Yes, money is a sovereign right that arises from the sovereign right of an individual to enter into contracts. By allowing that right to be usurped by private banking interests we have lost the greatest power a free and democratic people can have -- economic power. I would say that 90% of all the people are confused about money. About what it is now, where it comes from, but more importantly, what it should be, and where it should come from.

Wealth often confused with money, can take almost any form, and historically it has, from gold to cattle, from grain to salt, and water to land. These are all forms of wealth, commonly called commodity wealth with the exception of land, which is known as "real wealth" or "real estate" because it has certain distinctions that commodity wealth does not. Notes or deposit receipts (money) for grain, metals, gems, or other items of value have served throughout time as a safer, more convenient means of transferring payment. Here the reputation of the issuer was the key factor in its acceptance.

But the point here is that "money" is a medium, or means of exchange that takes the place of the items being exchanged. When items of value are exchanged that is called "barter". Money is used in place of barter. Money is not the things themselves. For money to retain it´s integrity it should be free of any intrinsic manipulation which one of them is interest.

Mathematically Perfected Economy NOT ONLY restores our sovereign right to issue our own promissory notes to each other, but also offers a money management system at the same time.





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