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Forum Post: We need to pick a demand or this isn't going to work.

Posted 12 years ago on Aug. 11, 2011, 4:53 p.m. EST by susiesalmon (0) from New York, NY
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we have done what we need to up until this point. We have a decent number of supporter but we need more!

It is extremely hard to convince people to camp out in Wall Street when we don't even have a unified cause.

We need to pick a deadline to decide and then announce our demand. I say, it needs to happen at the GA on Saturday.



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[-] 5 points by loveandlight (5) 12 years ago

WE DO NOT NEED A DEMAND. INSTEAD WE MUST INSPIRE. We have to move away from the paradigm followed in the 60's, protesting to have a demand addressed. Tahir and Sol were bigger than demands, they were acts of creation. We are creating a community. A micro economy that can flourish without greed or exploitation. Everyone who is going should bring something (tangible or not) that they can contribute. It will be a celebration. An example of how America can move forward. The Government is broken. No demands we make can be credibly addressed. Instead, we will be a light for Americans, that communities can exist and survive. We create our own world. We do not need to Wall Street or the Government to do anything. We just need to stop working for them, buying their products, consuming their media. We are the future. On September 17th, we will show the world what the future can look like.

[-] 1 points by Dragonfire1024 (16) from Kittery, ME 12 years ago

I couldn't have said it better myself. As I was watching the Egyptian revolution online, the one thing that everyone kept saying s debating and discussing peacefully what they wanted, and at some point came to more than common grounds, when nearly half or more of your nation's population can gather on a nearly daily basis in key spots. We may never get everything everyone wants, but I think not just as Americans, but humans, we can all come together and want one thing amongst others: freedom.

[-] 1 points by goeib1 (163) 11 years ago

At least if you all came up with a "demand" you wouldn't look like total imbeciles and low life's... guess you have to call a spade a spade though....

[-] 1 points by crv2012 (37) 11 years ago

We don't need a demand... I think the American people already have one... Government for the People, by the People... not for the Corporations, by the Corporations...

What we need is a goal, not a demand...


A Presidential Candidate whose platform is just that... NOW IS THE TIME.

[-] 1 points by inkblotpropaganda (8) 12 years ago

What about "Ending Corporate Personhood." Corporate personhood is at the root of many of the issues I believe we all want to change.

I believe it is important to have goals as well as well thought out ideals. I also think that our ideals are very strong, very much in place, and shared across cultures and socioeconomic lines. These ideals include, green economics, true community, and policy decisions made for the good of the future. We must unify, and we must ask for something that even people within the establishment want changed.

I believe that the end of corporate personhood is a ripe fruit for picking. We could get it! It would a substantial victory against legal corporate entrenchment. I know it isn't everything, but having a demand is important to measure success and also to communicate clearly with those that have very different perspectives.

p.s I agree with everything loveandlight says in terms of ideals, but the powers that be need to dislodged, they will not just fall.

[-] 1 points by hoserman16 (13) 12 years ago

Yes, we'd like our own community without parasites leeching off of us.

[-] 1 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

My demands are simple! Abolish private land ownership worldwide! Abolish corporate ownership of natural resources! Establish an Egalitarian Society Governments to function as distributors of food, housing,employment,medical care, etc only. A monthly rotation in govt. where all get to serve, abolish elections! Abolish privately owned combustion vehicles and develop mass public transit. etc!

[-] 1 points by arcadie (10) from Reno, NV 12 years ago

Generally, people want an end to corporatocracy and an overturn of capitalism. Part of this movement is that it's up to people to decide what they want to fight for, but as far as I know a big part of it is holding financial leaders accountable - hence Wall Street as the location.

What's your demand? Feel free to pick what yours is and find others who feel the same.

[-] 0 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

Ending Corporate Personhood would be a great demand

[-] 0 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

Wall Street is the trading of peoples lively hood. Its essentially slavery to those who have no better option... I mean really: It creates an Owner Class and a Worker Class.

So my demand if I could make one... would be that give ownership of the business which is a collection of people's livelyhood equally to all members of the business equally. allowing them to vote on what to do with excess revenues and vote on the amount of every individuals pay out of the total revenue collectively. basically run a business democratically in the areas that are of relevance to each individual.

[-] 1 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

but really we could just Start our own worker-ran corporations/cooperatives businesses in our community, forget the corporations and favor our local worker ran businesses and create an entirely new, more stable and fair economy - sidestepping this whole conflict all together.