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Forum Post: We Need to Know the Truth

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 17, 2012, 10:26 a.m. EST by voiceoftheAmericanpeople (0)
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Over a decade has past since the tragic events of the World Trade Center disaster has etched a permanent marking in the timeline of history. The lies and deceit that have caused that shock have only expanded and now bring us to the precipice of self-annihilation on a global scale. Fiscal Cliffs and Apocaliptic warnings abound.

What is at the core of the failures of logical expectations for the success of our future? The enemy is not external terrorism, but internal deceit. The causes are multifold and interrelated: • The Systemic Manipulation of the Global Economy • The Treason of our Governments and Judicial Systems • The Betrayal of our “Spiritual” and Educational Institutions • The Outright Mind Control of the Corporate Controlled Mass Media

The Systemic Manipulation of the Global Economy: National economies, across the globe, are on the brink of bankruptcy and under pressure to their surrender of their national sovereignties. The fiscal debt crisis has brought their populations to a level of stress that threatens to erupt into civil unrest and mass revolution. The Libor Scandal is only the latest tip of the iceberg that points to the massive systemic rigged game of the central banking cabals who’s goal is the complete tyranny of the planet for the benefit of a handful of self indulgent and unworthy masters of the earth. The Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Morgan, along with a handful of Vatican Jesuits and other family bloodlines of Royal and Financial wealth, have consolidated the control the entire global monetary system for their own benefit at the expense and hardship of the majority of the human race.

Through the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and similar international organizations like the IMF and private monsters like Goldman Sachs, this international cabal of elitists is sucking the lifeblood of the world’s resources and opportunity. With criminal intent and complete immunity, they self-righteously plot the course of global events through the Royal Institute for International Affairs, The Bilderberg, The Committee of 300 and a web of similar, secret connections to corporate (Rand) without any legitimacy of the populations they control. This parasitic Elite uses murder, coercion and bribery to write the laws on their behalf to degrade the rest of the planet back to the slavery and serfdom of past ages. They continuously decimate the populations through massive wars of profit, often funding both sides to perpetuate the scale of national debt, and blanket themselves in the disguise of philanthropy and pseudo-intellect. It is malignant Capitalism on steroids.

The Treason of our Governments and Judicial Systems: To succeed in this ultimate greed and demonic quest, the Elite need to be free of the concerns of the Governmental actions and judicial review. Their money has purchased, outright, the politicians (regardless of party rhetoric or platform) and the courts of law. There is only one political party and they are the Corporatists. The current political system of campaign funding, lobbyist bribery and the power to crash the market place and crush the individual voices of reason and liberty are the everyday techniques used to maintain their shadow government. Today’s pantomime of public debate and polarized division is nothing more than a noisy distraction, played out for the masses, for the purpose of focusing attention on “issues of culture wars” to garner enough votes every few years to legitimize the “circus of a democratic process.” When caught red handed in their blatant crimes and convicted, as a matter of show, they are fined $100 for the theft of millions. It is all a perpetual lie. Their failure and neglect make the guilty of High Treason.

The Betrayal of our “Spiritual” and “Educational” Institutions Anyone with the slightest knowledge of human history cannot be shocked at the corruptibility of the marketplace or of politicians. So too, the institutions of higher spiritual goals of wisdom, and independent thought, are marred in the feces of human greed and dishonesty. This is, yet an even higher betrayal than the treason of the financial and political institutions. These masters of hypocrisy have sold out the eternal aspirations of Truth and Compassion and the Human Spirit for their self-complacent positions of privilege. They lie to their flock and students through omission and outright falsehood.

The Outright Mind Control of the Corporate Controlled Mass Media: The Media was once referred to as the Fourth Republic. An independent watchdog to keep and citizenry informed so they could make rational choices in their democratic self-governance. All one needs to dispel any basis on this myth is 5 minutes in front of the “Fair and Balanced” reporting of today’s cartoon of mass media “journalism”. Regardless of the slant of propaganda each upon which organization acts, the complete infiltration of the ranks of this “army of empty sock puppets” is evident. The these talking heads of corporate sponsored “News” have the arms of the Elite inserted so high up their asses, that their smiling lips are controlled on queue to mouth the countless disinformation of the teleprompter sewage of their elitist puppeteers. The airwaves are filled with an onslaught of smoke screen muck that keeps the masses uninformed and dumbed down to the disastrous realities our global plight. They reinforce the propaganda of illegitimate wars as a result of false flag attacks and never to be found weapons of mass destruction. When was the last time you heard any of these :Journalists” mention the Bilderbergs in the context of today’s events? Because of this canned communication deceit, they share in the blame of the misery of countless millions. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of they have carried the torch of his life’s contribution of mass disinformation and population mind control to a new generation of Sheeple.



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[-] 1 points by jrhirsch (4714) from Sun City, CA 11 years ago

Good overall encapsulation, but without facts to support the claims, most of it can be considered conspiracy theory.

A single paragraph with irrefutable facts has more power than an entire volume with none.