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Forum Post: We Have the Tools for Change Already.

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 8, 2011, 5:28 p.m. EST by realworldadvice (0)
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Comparing OWS to the Arab Spring movement, is like comparing the NBA lock out to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to end corporate corruption. But it's not gonna solve everything, and you have to go about it the right way. You can't just say "end corruption". For one, it's too general, and for two, ending it entirely is unrealisitc. Look at all the laws that get broken day in and day out here in America (or anywhere for that matter). People will always break the law.

Asking for more laws when the corporations are breaking the current ones, is useless. Also, asking the governement to enforce the laws that are being broken by corporations, that people claim have influence over the government, is not gonna happen.

What you have to do if find specific cases where the law is being broken, by specific corporations. Then take it to the people who are supposed to be enforcing these laws within the government, and hold them accountable.

But again, this won't solve everything. Ask yourself, if corporate corruption ended today, how would this change your life? Probably not at all. Sure you could say that your political vote would be more pure, but most people don't vote now, let alone follow politics day to day. And some people are asking for a direct democracy? What a joke. Don't be fooled by the people who are asking for this, they are basically just saying that they want to make the decisions. No one is gonna be 100% happy with every political decision made, but that doesn't mean what we have now can't work.

Don't make OWS about hand outs, and don't play the victim. You don't realize the vast amount of freedom you have right now. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. You might have bills to pay, but who made you take on that debt? No one. As long as you blame outside factors for your current level of dissatisfaction with your life, no amount of protesting will ever make a difference (at least in a free society like ours). There are always special cases and exceptions to the rule, but the majority of people out there can change their life anytime they want.

Holding the government responsible is something we need to do. Let's get rid of the federal and state jobs we don't need, get rid of the spending we don't need, end the perks for the politicians, and end the ever expanding government concept. I'm all for helping people who need a hand up, but I'm also all for holding the same people accountable and making sure they aren't just getting a free ride. There is no such thing as something free from the government. Somone, somewhere is paying for it. And it's usually Joe Taxpayer (i.e. you and me). We need to follow politicians closely and actually vote.

Like I said, ending corporate corruption is a worthy cause and I hope that's what this is really about (not a liberal agenda, hand outs, redistribution of wealth to those who didn't earn it, etc...). Hopefully the police are able to learn from there mistakes as well, and stop treating peaceful protestors as criminals. Good luck to the people doing the right thing.

God bless.



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[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 10 years ago

As long as it's your right thing, from the sounds of it. Bad luck to everyone else? Hmmmm