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Forum Post: We Give Them The Right To Rent and Build Homes for US on this Land We Fought For

Posted 11 years ago on Dec. 8, 2011, 2:02 p.m. EST by TXMAX2525 (12)
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Let this be the argumentative perspective of the 99% who have lost their homes or have been unable to pay for shelter for them and their families. We give these corporations and companies the right to build and rent out homes and shelters to our families. If we hadn't fought for this land throughout centuries in the name of democracy and freedom they wouldn't be living off our hard work right now we do to pay their "rent". In reality tis them who should pay us rent to be able to build these homes they are so eager to cheapskate us into moving out because of a total system collapse they purposely created. This is BS. We should all have a home provided to us whether we are able to pay for it or not at least create more lenient guidelines on how one is to pay for their shelter if they have economical problems. These people cannot keep us out of our homes during these crucial economic times it leaves us even more vulnerable and will absolutely not help in anyway if they continue to take our homes. Our ancestors created this country in the name of liberty so we must reassure these THIEVES that WE allow THEM to democratically stay in their positions so long as they don't abuse US the sons and daughter's of LIBERTY. Thank You please pass this message on in the name of Democracy.



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[-] 1 points by Budcm (208) 11 years ago

Widgets--This is called "satire". I can't wait for someone to ask, "What is a Widget?"

A long, long, time ago a boy named Danny lived in the small community of Bright in Idaho. Danny was a bright young lad (no pun intended!) He felt that he could do better than raising potatoes the rest of his life. And so Danny looked around to see if he could find a need to fill. He quickly discovered the use of the tops of potato plants could be used to make Widgets.

Everyone liked Widgets because they made life much easier. They were quite expensive on the open market and Danny's idea would make them quite cheaply and ensure success.

Danny soon had more orders that he could fulfill so he had to hire people to build Widgets for him. In a short time he realized he had to build a factory. Danny formed a Corporation and encouraged investors to build the factory. The town of Bright was soon booming. New homes were being built. New businesses were opening up as the population grew. The town looked to the Widget factory for its expenses. The Widget Corporation increased its price of Widgets to cover this cost for the investors had to get a fair return on their investments.

The state soon required a business fee and a license fee for the building of Widgets. The price of Widgets again increased to cover that cost. Not to be outdone the federal government posed a Corporation tax that also increased the price of Widgets.

The increases in taxes were not done. The city of Bright increased their taxes. The state raise their business fee and license fee and the federal government decided that they would have to regulate the quality of Widgets. The feds sent quality control inspectors and levied a new tax on Widget Corporation for its costs. Soon many regulators were parading around town with their chest puffed out claiming that they were the reason for the success of the widget Corporation.

Danny sold his shares in the corporation and left town. Soon the cost of making Widgets had risen so far out of line that it was no longer profitable to manufacture Widgets in Bright Idaho. The factory closed its doors. Soon afterwards the population began to leave Bright. The new schools closed. The homes became vacant. Empty storefronts lined the streets.

You can still buy Widgets in Bright Idaho. They are not as good as those manufactured there in the past and one could see stamped along one side the phrase "Made in China."

Danny is still around. The last we heard he was making thingamabob's in Michigan, and the town of Bright, Idaho was toying with the idea of using the federal regulators to regulate jaywalking and spitting on the sidewalks.

[-] 1 points by gregb325 (133) from Scranton, PA 11 years ago

Did Danny and the board vote themselves outrageous pay raises, a corporate lear jet and take billions in governmant handouts paid for by us, the taxpayers, before closing the doors? This scenerio is the point you are missing about OWS. Your first point was great. Your second is where you are lacking. I dont want a handout, or nothing for nothing. I want a fair and equal playing field not just for me, but for my children, and their generation!

[-] 1 points by Budcm (208) 11 years ago

Find a good widget...


[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 11 years ago

"unable to pay for shelter for them and their families".

This is the whole problem !

It is an existence right , not an ability to pay for the right to exist ,WE ALL are talking about !


[-] 1 points by DunkiDonut2 (-108) 11 years ago

Great idea. I want what you have. Where can we meet you at so you can hand it over?

[-] 1 points by Budcm (208) 11 years ago

I've been reading some of the posts on this site. Amazing! Let me tell you a bit about real life!

I was born on a hill in a tar-paper shack my father built in 1934. That was a step up from where my sister was born. She was born in an abandoned box car on a railroad siding. My dad drove a snowplow and worked cutting logs in those days.

We moved 35 miles away from there and I went to school in a four room schoolhouse. (Grades 4 thru 6 were in one room.) We had to walk a mile to school. (No! It wasn't uphill both ways!). My father was a mechanic-turned fisherman-turned businessman. He managed to send all four of us children to high school; something he never had the opportunity to do himself. The whole family worked every day to ensure his business succeeded. We had no time to play ball. We had no time to even see a movie, even when we could finally afford the 12 cents it took to go.

I wanted to go to college but my father wouldn't send me because the rest of them didn't have the chance tot go. So I joined the navy in 1952 just to get a shot at the GI Bill. I started college in 56 and went on to get a masters degree. I worked 8 hours on a night shift in a factory and went to school during the day.

I worked hard and invested wisely, for I had learned in high school not to rely on Social Security to make me comfortable in my old age. (They taught those things in those days!)

I am now 77 years old. I have invested enough to keep me in my own home and living comfortably quite well within my means. Please don't tell me how "lucky" I was. Please don't tell me you deserve something you have never worked for.

I am sorry you did not have the obvious "advantages" I had growing up. You have NO idea what it was like growing up then. YOU have all the advantages. Hell, we didn't even have a library to study in! (Maybe that is a foreign word?)

[-] 1 points by BlueRose (1437) 11 years ago

And how did the females of your family fare? How about your black friends?

[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 11 years ago

You got all of that correct , with one difference :

The government was not trying to take our constitutional rights away; ( with the exception of Hoover ) and then if the government did try , you did something about it !

Now ; you must have misunderstood here !?

We are trying to make sure our generation doesn't have another Bernie Madoff , or Wall street screw up happen again !

You should be all for that !

And:; How about the cost of living pay for the basic necessities ?

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

Cost of living pay? provided by whom? in exchange for what?

[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 11 years ago

Can I pitch my tent or comfort wagon where I payed taxes for it to be built as in the O.W.S. ?

Or do I bring down your property value , such as the homeless ?

If food clothing and shelter mean what I can do without your help is acceptable to you then ,

providing for myself is ok as an occupier of the feet prints GOD gave me !!!

Don't expect me to do your job for the money and not get anything I can't give myself !

You make money from my help, I get Equal piece of the pie !

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

you get the piece based on your contribution.....equitable to effort...not "equal"

[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 11 years ago

Not where "most" people work for some one who takes all the profits and leaves the crumbs for the employees !

The sharing of the pie has gotten greedier to the point whereas the people are now going to pay the governments debts for stupidity for the next 3 generations , and is going to get worse !

If I own a business that I started and am running "in my garage", but to expand I need to know what the cost of living is "for a moral societal compass , the basics so I can pay my employee ; not a part time school kid; the cost of living so he can spend money to keep the economy going , I wouldn't be doing it like what is going on right now !

[-] 1 points by Budcm (208) 11 years ago

All men are equal!

"All men are created equal!" What a crock that is! God did not decree this. Thomas Jefferson did. If you believe God created us all you must see that, logically, we could not have been created more UN-equal! I would love to be able to sing as Bing Crosby. I would love to be able to swim as Mark Spitz and play basketball and football with the best of them. I would like to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon. I would love to fly a 747 or write the Great American Novel. Unfortunately I do not have the talent for any of these feats. Had my life been somewhat different I may have succeeded in these or other areas. I spent 12 years in the military, 50 years as a ships master, 20 years in my own business and taught mathematics for 26 years. After a major heart attack I began writing. I wrote and published over 50 books. I tried to do the best I could with what God gave me to work with. And so I bring up the point that, regardless of what old Tom said, all men are NOT created equal. All society can do is decree that all persons be allowed the same opportunity to follow their dream as far as their abilities will allow. There is no guarantees of success. According to a list published by Michael Schwalbe, his definition of a "progressive" would be one who is guaranteed success regardless of what ones accomplishments are. One can find many things about this country that are wanting. We are a long ways from perfect. We are, however, so much better than the country in second place that there is absolutely no contest. I could take Mr. Schwalbe's points one by one but that would take a lot of space. In fact I agree with several of his points concerning how to grade yourself as a Progressive. Personally I consider myself a Realistic Anarchist. I don't believe in any government at all but, realistically, I know we need one to protect us from, if no one else, ourselves. I was talking to one of the "Occupy" folks the other day. I asked him what he had against rich people. His comment, while revealing, was not surprising. He said: "I'm not one of them!" And here is the crux of the problem. Envy. He wanted what they have without having to acquire it by hard work and ability. He wants to BE something without having to BECOME it. I know what your arguments might be concerning this: How about those who have inherited their wealth would be one of those. That's a whole 'nother argument, however, and I will leave it for another time. I am about to turn 77. I have sufficient funds to last me the rest of my life if I continue living at my present level of comfort. I expected no more than that when I made my life's plans. For many years I worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to get what I have. I do NOT intend to give what I have to who others consider "Less Fortunate". Especially when it is obvious they did not plan as I did for their own future. I'm sorry some of you didn't have the intelligence to plan for your future. But, then again, not all of us are equal.

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

Employee's aren't entitled to profits....they receive WAGES, one occurs before the sale of the product, one occurs after......if you get your money up-front, don't expect a cut of the backend....

cost of living isn't the employers concern, the employers concern is producing a product that will sell at market prices, jobs are not charitable donations...they'e reward for effort tendered/results achieved.....sometimes the level of that effort/result isn't worthy in valuation to cost of living......

So, your actually saying it's better to withhold products, and income from the market if they don't generate enough to support someone completely? are you insane?

[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 11 years ago

".sometimes the level of that effort/result isn't worthy in valuation to cost of living....." I agree with that !

Not insane, just someone with morals !

I'm not the kind who could be a slave owner !

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

it's not about being a slave owner, see...in your comment about a part time school kid, those sort of jobs are important too, don't dismiss them, people have to get preliminary work experience somewhere....but, you have to move up in skill and experience to move up in compensation...anyone who thinks they can remain at the same level in those area's and be due more pay is foolish, what have you done to earn it if you haven't improved yourself?

[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 11 years ago

30 + years of work and education , and I see the compensation levels going down every year to where people think it normal to have two jobs !

At this rate , eventually people will think it's a privileged to earn a living !

Further on and we will realize who the slaves are and who the masters are !

Need I say anything else on morals ?

And kids working part time to make extra money for spending is not the same as a job for survival !

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

it IS a privilege to earn a living? where do you find that enumerated as a "right"

Incomes are, and have been increasing every year, and continue to do so...many people, due to foolish money management have less to show for their work, because of things like high interest consumer credit, and wasteful spending habits, the need for things "now" instead of saving and waiting.....and the desire to "appear" more successful than they actually are.....they typical worker, earning 40K (which is quite easy to get, even with little or no post secondary education) can easily live within their needs and save, if they are thrifty and modest.....

A person can sell themselves into slavery if they choose, that has always been an option..but a poor one. Many are masters of themselves....there are MANY opportunities for independent labor out there...even in this economy....anytime there is a need that can be filled and compensated for, there is a potential job...

Kids working part time to create something that is needed, or wanted, in the marketplace..and produces a profit, are helping the economy by having that extra money for spending...buying products created by others, employing more people...that is how the system works, is that really so difficult to understand?




[-] 0 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

Bravo! that is similar to the trajectory of my family.....but, the difference between me and many of my contemporaries is I am grateful for their struggle and don't intend to advocate the destruction of that legacy by expecting ANYTHING I haven't earned....we did have a library...a Carnegie library....and we were taught why it existed, and we were grateful for it.

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

who is to provide this for you? hmmm?

[-] 1 points by TXMAX2525 (12) 11 years ago

PROVIDE WHAT?? We provided them with the right to build our homes. You act as if THEY dont have any money. Believe me the people deserve this and much more please have some self-esteem my friend you are worth all the diamond in the world and the government has been raising children generation after generation diminishing their self -esteem and what we are really worth. If I told you the government could afford to give each of us a million dollars for all the pain they have put us through it would be politically correct they are capable of doing that. but now since we have been raised and bred to believe we deserve any less than a shelter over our heads you and others call it impossible but my dear firend in a Democracy nothing should be impossible.

[-] 1 points by ropeknot (359) 11 years ago

Ditto !

Give us all $1 mil. and all the illegal aliens, and high school graduates can have a job and I'll retire !

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

they...them? who, exactly?

and if anything is possible..who makes it possible? who delivers on the possibility?

[-] 1 points by TXMAX2525 (12) 11 years ago

divine intervention son thats who. you know one of the biggest myths destroying the world right now is overpopulation and the blief we dont have enough natural resources to put everyone in a home or shelter for free. God will give us the answers as long as we ask the right questions he put us on this resourceful earth to LIVE not DIE meaningless lives slaving for a home that costs $900000 while the average American makes $7.25 an hour you do the math. We give them the right to cut down trees because they dont let us just go and cut them down from anywhere and build our own house on any piece of land we can find so now they must comfort us sice we comfort them. O but now their money grew along with their egos while the americans minimum wage cant even match the growth in our economy at an even pace. This is all engineered like this to make us believe we must werk 30 years to live in a home that took 30 days to build. Do the math friend follow the money you will come to the conclusion I come to. Anything is possible with the inalienable right given to us by SOURCE the ALMIGHTY

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

you still haven't identified who "they" are?

[-] 1 points by TXMAX2525 (12) 11 years ago

they is one of the top 10 myths that are ruining your lives. they is the belief that someone out there is conspiring against you in secret. the only sound argument for this engineered catastrophe. the myth reads as follows: you believe there is no "they" conspiring against you. when you learn who the they is then everything else will follow suit and you will know everything there is to know about how business is really run here on the planet they call earth.

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

so, again...who are they?

[-] 1 points by HarryPairatestes2 (380) from Barrow, AK 11 years ago

give up. you will never get a straight answer.

[-] 1 points by TXMAX2525 (12) 11 years ago

OMG you dont know who they are? the f@#$% illuminati you freak

[-] 1 points by Slammersworld (210) 11 years ago

not the space aliens??? I think it's the lizard people..the greys are our friends



[-] 0 points by chestRockwell (-4) 11 years ago

I am the new spokesman for the OWS movement. I hereby tell all OWS supporters to stop working, paying bills, eating, and anything else that involves money this will show those fucking 1% how we roll. Take that George Bush.