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Forum Post: We are the 99 percent and our voices will no longer be silenced.

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 16, 2012, 8:53 p.m. EST by canvess (0)
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Outreach and all groups Tomorro! Feb 17th marks the 5 month anniversary of the occupation of liberty Sq! as a symbol of the movement and all that we say we stand for, i ask for everyone who calls themselfs an OCCUPIER or WORK GROUP of the Occupation to come down to Liberty Sq to stand in Solidarity with your brothers and sisters united as one, come to SIS to Pick-Up Posters, Flyers, Banners show your support and let the World know we are still here and fighting the good fight for the rights of the 99%. Come for One, Two or Three Hours or more, this action is about making a statement that is Visual and in there face.

We are the 99 percent and our voices will no longer be silenced.

Outreach and all work groups must be a part of Tomorro, no planning needed just come and be a part of the day and statement.



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[-] 2 points by Samcitt (136) 6 years ago

Whether the 99% is united or disunited, in agreement or in conflict one thing binds them together. The 1% only rule and control because the rest of the population say they do. I'm from England and in 1381 the Peasants revolted from their lords and masters. They very nearly won and had they won they would likely abolished all nobility and monarchy there. At the end they accepted a truce with the King but they were betrayed and the leaders were killed. Even though the people's movement was destroyed the nobility dared not to screw with the people again. Some say it was the beginning of the middle class in my country.

Make them realise that silence is not necessarily contentment.

[-] 2 points by Puzzlin (2898) 6 years ago

Good Luck Tomorrow in Liberty Square!

Hopefully you'll get some news coverage!

[-] 0 points by Libertarianliving (149) 6 years ago

""""We are the 99 percent and our voices will no longer be silenced. """""

No you aren't!!!!! You are PART of the bottom 99% of wealth holders in the U.S. Not everyone in the "bottom 99%" agrees with you or wants your representation. Come up with a different percentage or name for yourselves and you might not be resented by so many MISrepresentation.