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Forum Post: We are ready for the Lighning Evolution of Humanity: rEvolution - Awakening!

Posted 6 years ago on May 24, 2014, 6:53 a.m. EST by Whhaad (0)
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My Free pdf book '''Lightning Evolution of Humanity: rEvolution - Awakening''' is finished! I strongly believe it may be a breakthrough in the history of human kind like none before..

Here is the link to my website with 2 free download links provided:



I. Dynying the fake spirituality. Simple steps, indications [working] how to reach the state of the Real and True Love=Wisdom=True Life=Awakening.. yes.. Awakening=True Love.. just as simple.. Only after that you may fix yourself.. No sooner.. Also steps for the lightning evolution of mind in its widest sense and what's next..

II. Fixing The Wrong Aspects Of The Sick, Evil And Enormously Inequitable Socially-Economically-Politically-Psychologically-Religiously-Spiritual System Of This World

III. Healing The Hearts And Minds Socially-Economically-Politically-Psychologically-Religiously-Spiritually-Environmentally Programmed On Fear and Anxiety, Greed, Callousness Towards Suffering, Insensibility, Passiveness And Indifference To Evil.

First duty of a modern knight or paladin of Love, honor and valor is to protect the innocent and weak[like poor] persecuted by the System.

''A sword is not meant to kill but to protect that which matters most.''

I am convinced that the first ambitious, very well justifiable, most equitable and honorable and extremely valid and noble task of grand valor, courage and virtue and very well motivated for The rEvolution People is to provide the food for every kid dying from hunger every 5s.. 1.4 ppl suffering from World Hunger and aid for 2.8billions people living in Extreme poverty on less than $2 daily.. Just This.. make the Richest, Wealthiest pay for the food..

Only $30billions annually is needed to solve the World Hunger problem entirely.. few % of what goes on military in the world.. if only the 250 millions richest men gave $10 a month for this cause the problem is Solved.. lets Make them Give a fuck! Piquets, marches, demonstrations.. gatherings.. free media.. peaceful solution.. this Can be made and if This is Done then we have our First Huge VICTORY!

Then we Do know that we have The Power and can go further.. and Win.. that we Do have Power.. the second battle is for the 2.8bilions in extreme poverty.. and then Next.. we decide later.. I have many ideas almost ready.. only have to polish the book and verify my data.. we will go all the way PEACEFULLY and imminently! They.. the rulers and masters of this world of slaves Will finally YIEL*D after thousands years!

And please spare yourself the empty talks that they Honestly earned their wealth [reducing the wages and stealing Lives because billions men have to work their assess off to make up for their families for anything close to living] Please spare empty talks about the fucking fishing rods for the poor so they make up for living by them selves.. 1000s kids in agony.. YOU wanna give them the rods??? better shove them up your witty-differently asses!

When you see a victim of a car accident in agony do you give him a syringe, band-aids, medicines and resuscitation kits for self-service?? yes? I bet that for more reasonable people this is enough for an initial argument, reason, evidence that the 2 steps I mention here are vital while half of the food in USA goes to garbage and cows in EU are subsided more money than 2.8billions people live on and the dear money spent unnecessarily on pet food is more than needed to save the lives of billions human beings!

The next step imho should be making the elites.. government to establish the Maximum wages and Maximize the minimum wages so 6Bil+ under-payed [relatively] poor people are payed accordingly to the Real worth of their work and can work less [4-5h daily] to provide decent life for them and their families with less effort are better motivated and come back home after work with still some energy left for taking care for instance for their self-development..

<3 ~namaste~ <3 ... god within me bows before god/dess within you O:)

Shaman Whhaad White Dragon }}}/*{{{



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