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Forum Post: We Are Living In Wonderful Times, The Call Of Duty!

Posted 8 years ago on March 26, 2012, 3:03 p.m. EST by BoycottCoke (275)
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Greetings. We are living in wonderful times. More than ever before people are standing up to oppression all over the world, we have all kinds of how they call it “Trouble Makers” waking up to the call of duty. This call is the motivation for ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things in search for freedom and equality for all man. The white man must understand that this is not about oppressing white men, but about the liberation of the oppressed. As it has been shown before by others, the oppressor has you in that predicament because he intends to keep you there, there is not such thing as oppressing someone to freedom. This way, he will not fall prey to the trickery of divide and conquer which have been instilled in our society for along time by those who need this in place, in order to keep us apart and unable to reconcile our differences and unite in the common front of racional thinking to solve our social and economical problems.The Black man must undestand also that we need to move forward, but this can not happen while we are still living in the past, by this I mean, the Black man can not forget past discrimination while experiencing the demoralizing effects of discrimination on a daily basis, that is where real equality and fairness come into place. Read the rest below




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