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Forum Post: Ways To Stop Supporting The System

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 4, 2011, 7:34 p.m. EST by IAMALLIAM (4)
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There are numerous ways in which you can personally impact the system. Here's one way ...

Because of fractional reserve banking, banks are allowed to lend out 90% of the money that has been deposited in their bank. Removing your money from the bank stops them being able to lend more money, and therefore reduces their profit margin.

... the more ideas shared on removing your support of the system, the greater impact we, the 99%, have on the system. Without our support, the system will crumble.

Support the 99% and remove your support of the 1%.



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[-] 1 points by jph (2652) 12 years ago

Well, you could invest in local organic food producers,. eco home builders/developments,. local green energy production,. things that fix the eco-damage while providing for the community. or just find a green mutual fund,. or perhaps simple credit union.

See; slowmoney.org

The options are endless,. you only need to choose the direction.

[-] 1 points by IAMALLIAM (4) 12 years ago

G'day Jonnybravo & Glooskap.

Interesting comments.

@ Johhnybravo - Thank you for your well thought out response. You first and I'll check out how well it works. Thank you for participating.

@ Glooskap - No, a couple of grand in the wallet though. 129a Kennedy Drive, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia. 2444. Your fear-mongering is useless in impacting upon my decision making processes and your put down is lacking in originality. I'm sure what you're "sure" about is simply a projection of your own internal fear. Thank you for participating.

[-] 1 points by glooskap (64) 12 years ago

Really? Wads of cash under ur mattress? Um...keep ur address private as im not sure theres anything a 99 %-er wouldnt do to get it. Except work...

[-] 0 points by johnnybravo (7) 12 years ago

or you could just kill yourself. consider it the ultimate drop out!