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Forum Post: Corporate Coup Waged on American People: the new unlimited public background check

Posted 3 years ago on March 29, 2017, 12:51 a.m. EST by elf3 (4187)
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Everything so far this stupid lying sack of shit has done is to strip away power from the people regulating our lives all up in our business...while deregulating and giving corporate billionaires control over us ...our planet...the air and water ...our privacy our freedom so why should i be surprised they would allow corporations to track our every move through the internet. Where are the zealots when u need them? Tea party ? Freedom fighters....do u want to be owned...? Or ruled? Get your bibles and tell me if god made corporations..then grab your guns and pitchforks?



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

Consider that - ''When corporations free themselves from trade unions, they curtail the freedoms of their workers. When the very rich free themselves from tax, other people suffer through failing public services. When the financiers are free to design exotic financial instruments the rest of us pay for the crises they cause.

''Above all, billionaires and the organizations they run demand freedom from something they call .. 'red tape'. What they mean by red tape is public protection.'' - from ...

multum in parvo ...

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 3 years ago

You know...before we can shop...we need money...and to get money...we either need jobs that will meet crazy monopoly pricing for shit like internet (which should be a public utility and actually does belong in the public domain) and pay enough so we have extra...or we need lower prices. Since corpirations are not budging on pay or pricing then I kinda got to like eat and forgo the shoes because as good as targeted ads are supposed to be as a woman apparently they think I shop for shoes all the time though I don't and actually spend more on books and haven't managed to figure out I don't care about investing because i dont even have extra for shoes and the books are a splurge. So why are companies wetting all over themselves to spend billions advertising to broke people....I guess they just don't have a real hold on reality from where they are sitting. Sorry we spent our extra on internet and phone bank fees and crazy developer rents or inflated mortgages...hello working people aren't eating 3squares a day anymore especially trying to avoid pesticide laden processed gmo crap...developing all kinds of autoimmune problems due to lack of nutrition, stress, exhaustion, and the new American dictator bully boss who expects employees to compete with eggs squeezed in their ass cheeks while they stalk and harass them all day pushing for ever more productivity. Not to mention my baby boomer parents just lost their medicaid and that gap is gonna fall in a lot of young peoples shoulders because like we don't want to watch our parents die when they can't afford their heart meds anymore. And if they lose social security will be showing up with suitcases to live in my new willie wonka's charlie style inlaw filled living room on cots.

Anyway The RF Spectrum is owned by the citizenry...let's just take it ...libraries should be free!!!!! The internet isn't just an airway...it is a library. It is knowledge. It is not just "entertainment" even though libraries have videos and events too. It is a language...it is ours it belongs to all people...it should never be treated as a commodity. It is ours. Let's get some signatures and get a bill going on that shall we...take it back by eminent domain.

And before you get all but government...memory hole etc...think about this we can remove politicians we can regulate what they do...we apparently can't regulate Telecom nor can we remove them...and if I'm being tracked and monitored at least I have recourse and won't be paying out my ass to be data mined and passed around like a shoe advertisement.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Your parents' medical care plight resonates with me because I strongly suspect that my father had been indirectly murdered by a home-health aide subsequent to New York City's democidal attempt under Rudolf Giuliani's regime. Now Love is Blue.

Sarah Palin's "death panel" was not innovative. Preying on the helpless ones existed for a long time.

As another example, free school lunches are an important and sometimes being saved for a weekend, the Only, source of food for some youngsters. At one time, I took advantage of that so I knew. It's why it irked me so much when catsup was proposed to be substituted for vegetables. Having been a distributor/server rather than a client, I knew that a centralized quota-driven distribution of food to children could be wasteful due to spoilage but it's better to waste some food than to starve a child. Hunger does get children going so I don't worry about the starving ones not showing up at the school cafeteria to eat free school breakfasts before classes start. They'll come so it's better to have extra food available to them.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago


As soon as the deluge of GOOPypees referenced above comes through, please post here to alert everyone so that we can form public discussion threads to cover the analyses of the golden showers.

Someone suggested online that they had already seen the nude pictures of the stunningly beautiful and savvy supermodel First Lady of ours. I'm slow to this but will someone please throw me a bone? I still remember the advanced masturbation techniques I had learnt at great pain(from Mom's spanking what she called my "cushioned" rebounce - she claimed that my "cushions" prevented any bodily injuries) from my neighborhood-boy preschooler playmate. I promise that the bone will be repaid with interest at the rate r, i.e., bone(1+r), after one masturbation-tutoring session under Mom's bed.

Masturbation should become a young kids' television subject taught to all preschoolers together with human anatomies, both male and female, so that they wouldn't become "mad scientists" like me and my playmate trying to find out for themselves. Armed with the advanced handy manual techniques, the children will reduce the unplanned teenage pregnancy rates.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 3 years ago

Please take your meds BEFORE posting. Is this trolling or Russia? One just can't know anymore.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

This is not Russia but I do have great admirations for Russian music and Russia-themed movies. They can be so heroic and joyful(when war ends), so loving and tender(Love endures through Revolutions[confiscating private properties, especially land; executing enemies; politicizing to the Nth degree and legitimizing discriminations], Hell on Earth[wars, aerial bombings of cities with shrapnel creating a continuing-to-run decapitated man whose blood finally gushed out and he slumped over, and hyperinflation], And High Waters[oceans lurking with marauding wolfpacks of submarines] - I understand now my parents' generational challenges and sacrifices, truly the Greatest Generation! My Mom said, "We survived with family by our bare hands and good health." Aside from the "Hoffnung" and "Gesundheit" mementos [of a small artwork of "Twilight(dusk/dawn) with a tiny fisherman and his boat" by a distinguished artist/relative and Grandpa's nearly empty and used-up medicinal liquor(maybe a paregoric?) bottle (gifted to him by Papa) whose potion cured many dying people], everything became dust in the wind.), and so classical and timeless as if they have come from the graceful sublimate of human souls, probably reaching the level of the hauntingly beautiful and heroinic "Ride of the Valkyries" perhaps inspired by the legendary mass suicide of the 300 Teutones' married women who slew their own kids and strangled each other by their own bare hands, lest any should become Roman slaves. Their men had lost in battle to the ancient Romans and pledged the 300 and their kids as a term of surrender. I think that the Teutons gained the reputation of being fierce and they revered women ever after that.

In addition to Russian music, I also love the great restaurant "The Russian Tea Room" next-door to Carnegie Hall. Damn, I thought that I had sublimated my lust as an elementary school kid for that Japanese Zero model fighter aeroplane filled with chocolates but I still splurged on the Russian Tea Room's chocolate pyramid dessert. Aye, we are following Egypt's pyramid example in more ways than one, unfortunately, with our government becoming more autocratic and giving us the royal burial of the icy-cold fresh juicy red strawberry in chocolate sweets.

I don't take any medicines. I'm so happy about that after my epiphany that I must listen to my body because it's just a sophisticated machine with some inadequate self-repair mechanisms so good self-maintenance is the key to excellent health(no sickness at all except for three flu episodes in twenty years) which I miraculously achieved after my body had told me that some prescription drugs were bad for me due to side effects so I stopped them.

I have memories. Retrieving and thinking of them is an electrochemical process No different at the cellular receptors' level from having taken drugs. I'm surely an endorphine addict. Probably everyone else is also one (maybe to a lesser degree than mine!).

Chocolate is likely psychoactive. As flip had said that I was high on life, I agree with him. It's fine to gorge on chocolate as long as I brush my teeth clean afterwards and reduce my future caloric intake to compensate for the fatty chocolate and sugar. I like happy and sweet memories but not painful dental cavities which I got on my milk teeth(e.g., a honey-glazed cracker was an unresisted temptation; Jesus was right, the sin of the child visited upon the child!).

All in all, according to your question, this is trolling because this is not Russia(I wonder if I were in Germany or Russia, would I be silenced, fined(in Germany), or locked up already?). I'm sorry if my creation has irritated you.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 3 years ago

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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

''Kleptocracy?: How Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Personally Profit from Their Roles in the White House'' (Video by DemocracyNow!)

ad iudicium ...

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 3 years ago

Nazis compiled data too...then they tatood numbers on people's flesh ....IBM was storing it all. Corporations are digitally tatooing a bar code on your life...and storing and sharing the data...but they will begin to cross reference it with fingerprints...perhaps a digital chip implanted directly under the skin. We need to stop all this now before it is too late.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 3 years ago

And of course it will turn us on eachother..."hey guy I work with I bought your profile yesterday...you have 100 bucks left in the bank and your wife has depression and constipation and thinks you are bad in bed...you should try renewing your viagra prescription and some laxatives...ah ha" that goes for you too sean hannity news anchors...public figures ...or just neighbor who I hate and especially my boss.

"Hey bob how is that impotencence coming? Congratulations Carol I heard you are planning a baby!"

"Gee tom I didn't know your son was a soldier stationed in Iraq! And his wife and child live at Fort blank and eat out at such and such restauraunt once a week and shop at the walmart on the corner of a and b."

"I'm sorry linda we are letting you go tomorrow...we read how you are job searching in your data looking on craigs list job section...obviously you aren't happy here any longer..." or they just hand her her walking papers and she never really knows why.

"Brian we see you've been struggling with childhood sexual abuse and depression...we think you might need some unpaid time off..we have concerns it is interfering with your productivity...that medication has some side effects that concern us." or they just fire him and he never knows why...

"Sally I'm concerned you used your sick time to have an abortion last year even though you reported it as the flu you know we don't approve of lying about sick time use (handing her some pamplets on alternative options) ...of course they would just fire her and she would never know why...

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4187) 3 years ago

The Orwellian nightmare is complete...while we were sleeping And of course...media blackout. We forget the Companies who advertise to us are also Companies we work for...so if my employer wants to know if I'm planning a baby or to perhaps sue for discrimination...or looking up health concerns especially mental illness which who wouldnt facing all of this? Or my political Leaning and groups i belong to...all they have to do is purchase an employee's data....there is no law to stop them ...what little coverage I see is not making this very basic connection. There is no law limiting who can look at the data and why. Nor on what they can do with it. If they use it to discriminate against a worker....that worker has no way of knowing the employer accessed it...nor is there a disclosure law stating they must notify you. Currently background check and credit info must be disclosed when for instance a job turns you down. And we have ways to appeal and check the accuracy of said data with the credit agency..or you are rejected for a loan. This new bill erases all of this. It is a public background check...which especially endangers the lives of women and children. Soldiers and their families and Women who are victims of stalkers or domestic violence will be especially at risk...unable to hide from Isis or the woman's offender. Victims of violent crimes or id theft...this is just unprecedented territory and gross negligence on the part of congress we need to call for the impeachment of every member who voted for this bill. The answer isn't a way around the gross trampling of liberty in Vpn or subsequent laws like excluding military members so they and their families aren't stalked and killed when a terror group buys their data or exempting politicians ( yeah watch for that one)...the answer is in a total upheaval of corporate power...move to amend corporate personhood...impeachments on a massive scale of. The yes voting congressmen.

What happened to don't tread on me?