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Wanted: Part Time Volunteer Revolutionary Developers for @Interocc

Posted 4 years ago on Nov. 18, 2013, 4:10 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt (1) from Plainfield, NJ

A telecommuting position (with in person meetings if you are in the NYC area) for those who are self directed and disciplined. This is an opportunity to join Interoccupy (A partner of the Occupy Solidarity Network) - a team of activists dedicated to providing communications technology to grassroots activists around the world, coordinating international communications and strategizing around online tools to best support the goals of the international social justice community. The Interoccupy team has been serving the Occupy community and the greater global movement for social and economic justice since the very beginning of the Occupy Wall Street.

We are seeking a front end developer with wordpress experience who will share responsibility for redesigning the current interoccupy.net website and developing a new wordpress theme to replace our current one. This new site will be serving as the main hub of a WP multi-site installation and will have to integrate with the existing framework. If you're interested in helping with the essential work of laying the building blocks upon which revolution is built, then this is the job for you.

What you'll be doing:

  • UX to determine how best to structure existing site information
  • Creating custom WP theme to replace existing Pageline installation
  • Help to determine the best configuration of online tools to provide to users
  • Strategizing how best to use the tools provided to facilitate the goals of the greater international movement for social justice

Skills you should have:

  • At least 1 year of wordpress development experience
  • The ability to work independently
  • Good time management skills

We would LOVE it if you have any of the following:

  • UX experience
  • Experience with responsive design (bootstrap, foundation)
  • Experience with building custom WP themes

Commitment level expected: At least five hours per week

Email resume or linkedin profile to rabbit@interoccupy.net with the subject line - Interoccupy Wordpress Volunteer

This is a volunteer commitment.

If you are interested in other skilled volunteer positions to build support for Occupy, please follow us on LinkedIn.



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