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Forum Post: Want To Video Document With Me Next Weekend

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 24, 2011, 11:52 p.m. EST by Bret (0)
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Looking for friends to help me document on video the stories of protesters next Fri/Sat/Sun-- would like to capture people who can articulate why they are there and what they want-- I have a friend who's site is viewed by 100,000 to help get the word out- bretaw@gmail.com http://www.ericallenbell.org/group/occupy-wall-street/forum/topics/dear-wall-street



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[-] 1 points by oftenon (12) from New York, NY 6 years ago

I shot some footage tonight, including interview with a Nat'l Lawyer's Guild Legal Observer and an articulate young female protester - also present when the 'media center' burst into applause and held high tm'ws NY Daily News headline: "It's War" - captured that on tape too. Willing to share footage, though I'm working on my own project.