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Forum Post: Walter Burien speaking to the Health and Freedom Conference - 2010

Posted 10 years ago on Oct. 22, 2011, 1:51 a.m. EST by info101 (49)
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Walter Burien speaks to the Health and Freedom Conference in California 2010. Government collective wealth by government institutional investment funds held globally. There is no need for taxation if administrative changes are made in government. Global investment return when looked at "collectively" from local and federal government is now greater than all taxation collected.

It is now possible to restructure government to pay for its "general purpose" expenses from investment return.

Mr. Burien suggests the establishment of TRF management accounts to phase out all taxation for the benefit of the people of this country. The city of Mesa, AZ has done this in a partial fashion for over forty years. From between 40% to 65% of their general purpose operating funds are satisfied from investment return and enterprise operations. The city of Mesa has one of the lowest city tax rate in the state of Arizona for this reason. **The City of Mesa Police Department has its own investment fund whereby the investment return subsidizes most of its operating budget.

Mr. Burien notes through the establishment of TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) the extra nine-yards can be set into motion to satisfy 100% of government's general purpose operating expenses and then taxation will NOT be needed and then become a word of the past for our future generations.

The perfect point here is that the entire structure to manage the TRFs and performance records to show the complete validity of this happening is in place today from the managers who currently have managed government's multi-trillion dollar institutional global investment funds which in their collective totals from all sources is standing as of 2007 at approximately 110 trillion dollars.

It is also noted that collective local and federal government's gross income "globally" from all sources: Investment; taxation; and enterprise as of 2007 was 14-trillion-dollars with that amount being about equal to the GDP of the USA.... The reason this is possible is that government is bringing in a substantial portion of its gross income from global investments outside of the USA (ever wonder why job outsourcing and foreign trade has been so aggressive over the last two decades?) ANS: It is "very" profitable to our own government's "global" institutional investments held across the globe.

On a last and very important note: Government "promotes" debt at the front door and uses their own global investment funds to fund that same debt through the back door creating a holding grounds for their investment capital and a guaranteed rate of return on the same.

EXAMPLE: US Government may have several investment accounts in China with one having 300-billion dollars available for investment elsewhere. The state of California; NJ; NY; and IL have a bond issue collectively of 250-billion dollars that is now funded "from" that US Government institutional investment account in China. The headlines may read: "250-billion dollars comes from China to fund California; NJ; NY; and IL bond issues, China taking over more of US" but in reality the back door funding approach by US Government global investment funds was exercised again.. Get it? I hope so..

If a true audit of US Local and Federal debt was conducted, that audit may just determine that 65% + of that debt held was "self-funded" by collective US government itself...



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[-] 1 points by info101 (49) 10 years ago

thank you for that additional information on CAFR

[-] 1 points by CAFR1 (7) from St Johns, AZ 10 years ago

The Protest Movement's FOCUS needs to be on the core issue: "Collective Government OWNS Wall Street by investment!"

Wall Street does what it does being that Government gets the biggest piece of the pie (85%) Get it! That guarantees Wall Street that "The Beat Goes On!"

The following communication is between Mr. Fojut who is 82, a retired News Paper editor, a political activist, and myself.

It is being sent to the CAFR1 National list FYI.

Pay special attention to the China comments.

Truly yours,

Walter Burien - CAFR1

From: "Walter Burien" Subject: Re: "GOVERNMENT FUNDS" are the BIGGEST investors & profiteers on Wall Street! - Burien Date: Tue, October 4, 2011 8:12 am To: "Dick Fojut" Cc: "George Noory", "Ron Paul", "Rush Limbaugh"


Two corrections per your email communication copied below:

  1. The local governments are required to present their CAFRs to the State Auditor. The State auditor in turn makes the consolidated presentation to the Federal government. Specific local government CAFRs are referenced though by different Federal agencies when reviewing compliance under Federal programs and local government contracts with agencies of the Federal government.

  2. You mentioned "over $3 billion from these funds was invested in China". The correct amount initially invested by collective government in the US was $3 trillion back in 1999 / 2000. Current market capitalization based on equity appreciation of that original investment is somewhere between $11 to $14 trillion as of 2010.

I note China reopened the investment doors last year for further investment in China for collective US Government under one condition: "The Chinese government must have matching ownership, 50/50.... smart little cookies those Chinese..

Walter Burien - CAFR1 P. O. Box 2112 Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854


From: "Dick Fojut" Subject: Re: "GOVERNMENT FUNDS" are the BIGGEST investors & profiteers on Wall Street! - Burien Date: Tue, October 4, 2011 7:58 am To: "Walter Burien" Cc: "George Noory", "Ron Paul", "Rush Limbaugh"

"GOVERNMENT FUNDS" are the BIGGEST investors and profiteers on Wall Street! (Walter Burien)

Read Walter Burien's Wall Street/CAFR article below...

Beginning in 2000, I have tried to assist Walter Burien get his "CAFR" information better known to the public.

Unknown to probably 99% of Americans, since the middle 1940s every American State, County, City, Town, School District, Pension Fund and other Government related entity, has been required yearly to send Washington a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), revealing their true TOTAL liabilities - plus earnings and assets.

Publicized yearly "BUDGETS" (almost always reported as having deficits, requiring additional public taxes and/or cutbacks in public services to "balance") - do not include the often huge OFF-budget earnings of their government fund investments. Many of the States loudly crying poverty including Wisconsin, Minnesota - and California, have OFF-budget "CAFR" earnings and assets (reported to Washington only) of MULTI-billions in money far exceeding their publicized BUDGET DEFICITS.

Walter Burien (CAFR-1) has dedicated his life to exposing this incredible scandal (which rivals the scandal of the privately owned "Federal Reserve" Banksters multi-trillion $ ripoff of our nation).

Multi $Trillions in collective American government funds are invested in America - and especially globally - earning enormous profits. All unreported to the average American citizen. Unnamed international investment firms (but surely including Goldman Sachs and other Rothschild fronts) manage the investments of these collective American government funds. And earn huge profits for themselves as well.

Burien just wrote his latest below rant because the naive Wall Street protestors are NOT protesting the ACTUAL Wall Street manipulators, those handling these massive collective government funds invested into (and often controlling through stock ownership) EVERY major corporation and bank - as well as global investments. A few years back China discovered over $3 billion from these funds was invested in China, quietly taking over their economy, and refused to allow more such investments. India discovered the same.

  • Dick Fojut in Tucson

Burien's article: http://CAFR1.com/ProtestWallStreet.html