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Forum Post: Wall Street & Washington

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 3, 2012, 1:08 p.m. EST by Louiseschmitz (0)
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Wall Street Wall Street its self is a physical street in New York City running from Broadway to South Street in lower Manhattan. The events that take place here, the ideas that come from it and revolve around it, the wealth and poverty, the imaginary financial skyscraper that stands towering over the atmosphere, all exist in what Wall Street is as a whole, both physically and what it represents. The buildings there are for the monetarily elite, those who know how to play the game. Those involved in Wall Street, and have become ‘big fish’ in the financial oceans, are also intricately tied into the government. The rules they play by are made up by them, and effect the rest of the country. The channels in which they syphon their wealth run through the homes and lives of all other americans. Their relationship with the federal government, the CEOs of the largest umbrella corporations, the presidents of the largest banks, and those who sent their pawns to ravage the financial game for their own grandiose gains, is something of a ‘big boys on the block.’ They have the ability to control the interests and lives of the rest of the population, and they use this ability vigorously. The wealth they gain is superficial, and has been created out of nothing. The poverty they feel, like the times of the great depression when the stock market crashed, is ten fold to the financial destruction it bestows upon the rest of the people. Factories shut down, thousands become homeless, hundreds of thousands of homes become vacant, and the quality of life is vaporized by the idea that a share in a company is valued at less than it was yesterday. The imaginary game they play leads into the imaginary game the government plays with wallets bloated with power rather than wealth. The name of the game is to make it to the top, where both the power and the wealth lie. The bedrock on which this race track lies, however, is made of the lives of the millions forcibly involved. Those in the government secure power based on fighting wars and limiting rights, where millions of people die, and others are left with no power to do anything about it. Those in the financial world secure their wealth by ensuring they will benefit while the others in the game lose, and this is done by creating rumors, and constructing artificial environments meant to collapse, where billions of tons of resources wind up being wasted and the lives of the population are affected, detrimentally.



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