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Forum Post: Wall Street Crooks trying to squeeze Independent Investors Out of the Game

Posted 9 years ago on April 4, 2012, 11:57 a.m. EST by Marlow (1141)
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Posting the 'Facts' of a Corrupt Goldman Sachs Trading Program to the NYSE... then to our trading platforms.. .. See below:



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[-] 3 points by Marlow (1141) 9 years ago

for those who DON'T know by now..many OnLine Retail Independent Investors are working hard to keep the facts out there that have been distorted, or simply omitted by the Media in the pockets of the wealthy 1%.. this has Been ignored by the SEC and the DOJ...

..F a c t_s ~

the current Trading Program installed by GS in 2007 without any research reports on it's effects to the SEC.. It is an Exclusive Software that only a few Elite Money Baggers are privy to it's ability to Abuse the Market and all Retail Traders.

..F a c t ~

That program allows them to see All our Limit orders.. (even the market orders first, seconds before we see the trend change..) that we cannot see in any book or platform Views. Means.. We are not seeing the Actual Current Levels when we place an order on the Bid or Ask.

..F a c t ~

They can trade in fractions of a cent..(*) Above a Buck, which is Illegal!! We cannot, as we are forced to follow rules that they don't have to! Means.. they can keep you from Selling on the Ask, and Buying on the bid..Or Trading at All!!

..F a c t ~

They can control what we see so easily, that they can show nothing but ask orders, and hardly any bids.. making us believe, we Better SELL!!.. 'Painting the Tape'... (again illegal)

..F a c t ~

They use this Trading Program with all of the above amenities, and trade in the Same levels, Inter-trading..Between each other.. and it's SO United.. in our Face..'COLLUSION'! Means.. they should ALL be In a Penitentiary! Under Lock and Key and fined out of Business!

..F a c t ~

They can flash trade you out of your shares within a millisecond of you placing an order, sell it and buy some other unsuspecting retail Stop shares.. Before you ever see your trade Confirmation!!!

..F a c t ~

If We don't stop this, fight for what is left of this Economic Free Market, we will never see a 'Recovery', or facsimile there of. 1% Wealthy Sydicate shoving our rights down our throats while we Beg for jobs, food, Homes, Health insurance access, and now.. our Lives!

Take a Stand, ....Not just keep TAKING IT!

The 1% Wealthy (Wall Street Dictators ) are betting against us. 99% is TAKING that bet now!

(*: There used to be a Rule set in place for 70 years the UTR. ( UpTic Rule).. But somewhere along the line, that rule was ignored when the N Y S E installed the new GS Trading Program, and it simply disappeared without comment. You See, the GS Trading program would not Work for them With that Rule.. it was so important to Fair Trading, that their Criminal Private program couldnt deal with it!)

Sky/ Editor Investors4Justice.net

[+] -4 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 9 years ago

Hey Marlow - long time no see. Looks like you have been busy.

Nice Post.

Folks take note the attack on our personal abilities continues.

[-] 2 points by Marlow (1141) 9 years ago

The 'Facts' i posted below in place of the body of Topic, was first posted on the Yahoo SIRI Stock message board in .. 2008.


the Point?... NOTHING has changed.. and the SEC has been sent hundred of thousands o fScreen shots from our plat form feeds of the abuse.. e mails.. phone calls.. and Complaints filed in all these years.. Independent Retail Investors are at the forefront of Information as to what is going on in the Corruption of Wall Street.. .. We Saw the Crash Coming and Tried Everything to wake the Country up!.. I began a Web Site. The First one just for Independent Investors.. ( 2005).. People Signed our Petitions to get the SEC, DOJ, the Oversight Committee's , and the White House' Attention.. in 2007!

More petitions ensued.. But More Graft overtaking ANY of our Efforts to stop it... Then the TARP.. and we saw it all Blow up in our Faces...

... We called for a Revolution to Wake up those who needed a taste of the Truth. We could NOT understand why the People Werent outraged..

.. well, that was then, and this is now...

How We ALL Doin'?