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Forum Post: Chris Christie Could be Our Next Ronnie Raygun!

Posted 1 year ago on Jan. 20, 2014, 8:04 a.m. EST by WSmith (1579) from Cornelius, OR
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Wake Up to Political Reality & News!

Get Straight on Participation & Priorities!

Or Chris Christie Could be Our Next Ronnie Raygun!

While all the Governor's men are crying "foul" on legitimate Democratic outrage and media coverage on Chris Christie's obscene ~ Nixon-like ~ abuse of power ~ criminal abuse of state and federal funds and corrupt engagement of classic RepubliCon dirty tricks ~ the Kochs and other PTBs are Vetting and Inoculating ~ Grooming ~ the next Ronnie Raygun.

If Gov Christie survives Flab-Scam, there's is no touching him in the 2016 Presidential election, largely because of the threat and actuality of repeating this abuse and the perceived dis-credulity of the News Media.

Meanwhile the distracted & divided Left quibbles over non-existent perfection, and remedies for, continuing fallout from, the disastrous Bush-Cheney regime. The blessed with rife-GOP-corruption Left forgets that political war is won on Elections and ignores that the Right has worked tirelessly to Suppress and Game any and all coming Elections!

Crack Down on Media: Flipping of Progressive Radio to Sports or 24-365 RW Sieg-Heil on your Dial, and even more restrictions and bias on MSM to quell news that puts the Right in serious jeopardy. A difficult task without revealing the RW bias in light of the onslaught of news that condemns them.

Phony Outrage Campaign: "I was an Obama supporter for hope and change, but when it didn't happen I hated him!" "Both Parties Same!" "I'm not Voting!" "I'm Voting for a third party!" RepubliCons love the success they had with this campaign in 2010, and have worked to repeat it in '14 &'16.

Voter Suppression: New Laws in various GOP-Governed (thanx to 2010) States, and massive Gerrymandered (thanx to 2010) districts.

A perfect RIGHT WING storm is forming!

People, if you want another Raygun, and the decades of damage that would cause, Keep on Keep'n on! Disunity and petty bickering.

But if you want to stop the fascists and 1% tyrants from exacting much more truly horrendous damage on us, WTFU! Get with the program!

Can we please avoid another Nixon, if I do it, it must be legal, fucking NIGHTMARE!

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