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Forum Post: Vote away Wall Street!

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 29, 2011, 6:06 p.m. EST by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT
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Find the 1%’s pet candidate.

Defeat him.

How? Find who has the most WS / 1% donations. Defeat him. Vote for the opponent who can win. Make the big money a liability.

Any politician must have money to campaign, but as it works now, they have every reason to get donations from GS and every other overly-powerful corporation. More money works for them. Change that! Make it so the most WS money loses them votes, loses them elections. Then the power shifts. Voters become important. Corporate cash weakens.

They will have to see a few elections lost. Think of it as a training program: Pavlov’s politicians. Bad pol…no cookie!

Now, we would be voting for candidates who will not be pure. They will not be perfect. It is all about shifting power. Our power is votes. Their power is money. We can use votes to undermine the power of money.

We have to create winners. Don’t just hand the election back to the 1%.

We want to change laws, but right now a level playing field does not exist. The 1% has a stranglehold on the system. First we need to reduce their power and work our way to better candidates. Build power for the 99%.




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[-] 2 points by efschumacher (74) from Gaithersburg, MD 12 years ago

Support Elizabeth Warren (over Scott Brown). Whether or not you are in Massachussetts, getting her into the Senate gives her a National forum.

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

Her work on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was impressive, despite how it is being hamstrung at present.

It may prove a real benefit to us in the future.

[-] 1 points by BadWolf (1) 12 years ago

Warren is an elitist 1%. She demands a high 6 figure salary from Harvard and contributes nothing, driving up the cost of education.

She is part of the problem.

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

Have you read her writings?

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

Vote away Wall Street isn't either/or with those proposals. It is intended to build the power to make changes possible.

Right now, we have all the power of the money and their lobbyists against us. They are in charge. We need a way to come at their power from a new angle, so that change can actually be implemented in government.

[-] 1 points by BonaFidePublius (93) 12 years ago

You can take those demands any way you would like with them either upheaval or through the legislative process. This is just a concise starting point where many people can start.

[-] 1 points by SocratesPhilosophy (231) 12 years ago

The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced. If the nation doesn't want to go bankrupt, people must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. ~Marcus Tullius Cicero, 55 BC

Failure to follow his advice led Rome from Republic to Empire.

[-] 1 points by Howtodoit (1232) 12 years ago

grest post. here's my two cents on creating an even playing field once again...and we can do it by votes! That's one right we still have!


[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

1sr you have to nominate candidates.

[-] 1 points by Howtodoit (1232) 12 years ago

good point stevemiller. If I may, here's one of mine (at least to have on the committee to rewrite financial refoms):

So why are oil prices high? The Enron Loophole. Former Head of U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Professor Michael Greenberger, speaks to Congress on the high price of oil--and he's not happy about Energy Deregulations:



[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

I trade futures for 4 decades. I might know more about this oil price than you, but let me focus on this with you now.


Americans are self destructive for a reason

When 99% of the entire country votes for candidates the voters all know have taken bribes that is self destructive. The bribes weren't paid to benefit the voters. That is a simple fact that the entire country of voters should all understand. The important answer that the entire country needs to grasp is that a powerful propaganda media broadcast system has put the entire country into a trance.

Intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with being the victim of brainwashing. The most important piece of the brainwashing process is what is called being "politically correct". That is designed to make the victims docile. The politicians can and do say ridiculous nonsense but the victims' trance prevents them from addressing that nonsense or the lies being told. When Obama was called a liar during his State of the Union address Obama was protected by the "political correct" trance. Instead of thoughtfully discussing what Obama had lied about and blaming Obama for telling his lie, the congressman was forced to apologize.

[-] 1 points by Howtodoit (1232) 12 years ago

God Bless you, I agree and 'em happy you are on the Case! Keep it going partner...

[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

Please read my blog post to the lawyer about the PIMCO fraud case.

You see the link ?

[-] 1 points by Howtodoit (1232) 12 years ago

roger that!

[-] 0 points by MTR (11) 12 years ago

The only choice you have that fits these criteria is Ron Lawl. His biggest campaign donations are from the Navy, Army, and Air Force because he wants to end all of the wars and bring the troops home IMMEDIATELY.

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

The criteria include that the opponent can win. I doubt that a candidate with single digit support fits that.

[-] 0 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

cmt I'm in Bridgeport, CT Ill be the candidate. See my blog.

Unions can bankroll a 3rd party read more http://overthecoals.blogspot.com/

Instead of union leaders pissing away the members' money by giving it to the Democrats who have stabbed the unions in the back when Clinton created NAFTA the minute he got inaugurated the members money can finance a 3rd party that would end globalization. Unions need to bargain for their members by completely excluding all nonunion employees from any benefits when they negotiate contracts.

The OWS protests could influence this process if OWS would nominate candidates for the unions to finance. The OWS strategy that refuses to nominate any candidates is self destructive for the protest.

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

Show that you have a realistic chance of winning, and then make your case as the non-1% candidate.

[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

Read my blog. Its all there since 2006. You're too lazy to read my blog. I'll win on election day. I can't win today.

[-] 0 points by foreverleft (233) 12 years ago

Obama got the most Wall Street cash on 08, do we really have to vote for a Republican??

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

I don't know which candidate will have the biggest money by this time next year. Obama has gotten a lot of powerful corporate interests furious with him for modest reforms: Dodd Frank Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a few others.

Secondly, we should not narrow ourselves to the presidential campaign. Look at the current House of Representatives - how many have pledged never to allow the 1% to have their taxes increased? And how many haven't taken the pledge but are supporting them anyway? It crosses party lines.

[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

Votes win. Money doesn't win. So far your thoughtless comments keep coming.

I don't pander. I don't have time to pander and lie.

[-] 0 points by foreverleft (233) 12 years ago

But the only bigger whores than the Republicans are the Democrats. You really want to put a bunch of Greens in there? I think I'll stick with my original plan and not vote, it's all rigged anyway.

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

The 1% loves that.

Some of us will do the best we can to push toward what we value. Maybe we will win. Maybe we will go down fighting. Stay tuned....