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Forum Post: " Vortex of Mayhem"

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 3, 2011, 3:40 p.m. EST by far2wrld (53)
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Go to youtube.com and type in the search bar "Wake up Call the documentary" its about whats been going on for a long time now. Of course we are not supposed to take everything as truth, but it most certainly raises a lot of questions. Questions that need Answers. "Stop paying your credit cards and student loans put an end to monetary policy deception.



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[-] 1 points by MrMiller (128) from Sandy, UT 10 years ago

Wow, you know, I like many of the outrageous ideas on this site, but I ALWAYS wonder how we can untangle ourselves from these things without causing chaos. The main problem with trying to untangle ourselves from the massive debt we owe is, in my mind, the issue of the continued importation of oil. All else is practically secondary, if I'm not mistaken. There are hundreds of other small and large problems that come with trying to change our economic landscape to get to the point we want to be. It doesn't take too long to think about them, if you know a little about trade and such. I think it's about time we consult somebody who can truly lead the nation and tell us what we can do to untangle ourselves, still provide for stability, and avoid catastrophe at the same time. It just blows my mind, thinking of the ramifications of unraveling the economic cluster-fuck we created, and the worst part is that it's largely imaginary, or man-made. One of my ideas was to ban electronic imports, and opt to create them ourselves. We will not suffer too much, since no one will die from not having a new tv from Japan or a new iPhone from China. We can make those ourselves and they WILL create jobs. It will also help to reduce the trade deficit by not sending our money to foreign countries. Another important thing might be to tax people without a business licence more for driving if they don't quite need to drive to mitigate the outpour of money to the middle east for oil. We should also IMMEDIATELY write off housing and medicare costs in some way to professors so they don't require as much money to live and therefore make education a hell of a lot cheaper. Any other suggestions?

[-] 1 points by rickMoss (435) 10 years ago

We have to be smarter. why are we inflicting pain on ourselves. We need a better way to fight back. Protesting, self-mutilation, and setting ourselves on fire does no good. We need a real revolution with a real vision.

"WAKE UP PEOPLE!” - JOIN THE REVOLUTION Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( www.revolution2.osixs.org )

FIGHT THE CAUSE - NOT THE SYMPTOM We don’t have to live like this anymore. "Spread the News"

[-] 1 points by acbdefg (51) 10 years ago

Yea, and make the credit card companies make everyone else (the real 99%) pay for your ripping them off. People like you should have never been given credit in the first place. Keep being a major loser, loser.

[-] 1 points by necropaulis (491) 10 years ago

Yeah. Stop paying student loans and credit cards!! Wreck your credit!!! if you have a job, they'll just take it out of your check, sue you,take whatever yo u bought, put a lein on your house(and take that). Capital idea!!

[-] 1 points by far2wrld (53) 10 years ago

Yeap, to bad your brainwashed into thinking that your intire life is based on a credit score.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

far2wrld, they will take it out of your check. It isn't that your life is one big credit score. It is that they are bills that have to be paid. This isn't a real choice.

[-] 0 points by necropaulis (491) 10 years ago

Hey, you could take it as sarcasm or and idea. (I posted under sarcasm) I'm not brainwashed, but this is the way it goes. You sign a contract(like the foreclosed masses out there did), you have to live up to it. Not paying will not stop anything. It won't even make it stumble. It would be like the many atoms that collide with your finger tip. It will go unnoticed. But unlike the bully that flicked your nose one too many times, They will get what is owed to them. It's your word on the line, not credit (even though the two are intertwined) If you have bad credit(business reputation). Nobody wants to do business with you, same as if you were a known liar around town and you tell people you saw a murder. You need to get the word(money) out, but nobody(the evil "bankers" the occupy idiots scream about) wants to listen. So a murderer(the big house you're after-or O.J.) goes free(as in you're not getting said house), because due to poor rep(bad credit) nobody will listen(loan) to you.