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Forum Post: Volunteer It Forward - a project to create a human economy

Posted 4 years ago on Jan. 2, 2014, 7:52 p.m. EST by SalmanEagle (-1)
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Dear friends:

I am a graduate from a university in Toronto in Economics and Management. I learnt only one useful thing in my degree: how money is issued via debt (Treasury Bills), a usurious system that keeps us all on a leash.

Especially since Occupy highlighted the issues of inequality, I tried to develop alternate currency models of economy. However, I have finally decided upon pursuing an altogether money-less, human, economic system centered on volunteering.

You can read about my idea at this website:


Basically, my contention is that since services (like mowing someone's lawn) don't cost anything, therefore we shouldn't charge eachother for them.

To describe my system simply: I serve a person and instead of him paying me I ask that person to serve another. Now, the way I get served is if somebody else (a 'Backer') shows me similar kindness. Meetups are organized to find such Backers, and to inturn find backers for them also and so on. With a growing population, tens of millions being born every year, there will never be an end to the supply of Backers.

You can read about the whole idea at the aforementioned link.

I know that Occupy is composed of the most idealistic people. I am hoping you will find some meat to this idea and/or make suggestions for improvement.

Thank you. SalmanEagle



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[-] -1 points by SalmanEagle (-1) 4 years ago

hey AlwaysIntoSomething,

Thanks for your response. Really appreciate it. We have to find a way out of this screwed up economic system. Money is the institutionalization of selfishness: I will help you IF you help me. It should actually be: I will help you if you help ANOTHER person. Such an honour system would also serve the original helper by creating a spirit of helping.

If you can, please register at the website (www.volunteeritforward.com) so I can keep in touch. Register even if you are vaguely interested because at this early stage of my project, any participation is good.

[-] -2 points by AlwaysIntoSomething (42) 4 years ago

Very interesting, I will def check it out