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Forum Post: Very good ideas from Spain

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 9, 2012, 12:27 p.m. EST by AntonioJGCruz (5)
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Dear friends, I am pleased to attached you a text written by Preciada Azancot which contents some great ideas!

Best Wishes, Antonio.

"YES, THERE IS A WAY OUT! Posted on agosto 9, 2012 by Preciada Azancot

Beyond the lies that bombard us – not just daily, but every second – and that we list below but without musing over them for they are merely coarse lies, we will show that there are ways out and at a reasonable price…

First, the lies:

  • Politicians, of any nature, along with intermediaries in general, who no longer represent us, for they are casts of classist origin, now guileless sects, which only pursue power and which have only one enemy: POTENCY wherever it may lie. Individually (silencing talents, vocations and creative and developing potentialities, transformers in short) and collectively (the people, in the broadest sense of the word, in other words, live forces and not party or corporate interests, which only pursue autonomy, solidarity, peace and truth).

  • Economics based on platitudes, avarice and cutbacks, like a caricature of the medieval peasant mind-set, only serves to create more fear, desolation and impotence. And power to the parasitic decision-making bodies, since that is the idea.

  • Ideologies (including religions) are dead. All of them. Fortunately, they have made way for the gestation of the new biological Humanism, in the image and likeness of the fulfilled and advanced human being who has no need for intermediaries to find and follow his deep individual spirituality, pacific and non-transferable. A foetus is not visible until born. And that is why we believe that only the same old clichéd death is possible. That’s not true. BIO-HUMANISM is already waiting at the gates.

  • Spain is not the worst off within that civilisation that is collapsing on a planetary scale. Spain is the REVEALER of a global situation, which no longer has any other option but to choose – with relief and gratitude – potency and Bio-Humanism as opposed to rancid and regressive power. The worst off in Europe is Germany, which once again is giving in to its compulsion to control our space, and our time, falling into its old habit of wanting to dominate the world. That economy of avarice and stockpiled cents at the expense of castrating creative and transforming pride in everyone, and that presents as the ideal the inextricable symbiosis of the most toxic (politicians, intermediaries, preferably bankers and multinationals) is the most pathetic and revolting at the same time as terrifying sight because it is sterilising, silencing, castrating, chauvinistic and dictatorial.

  • It is a lie that in the face of the overwhelming violence of those parasitic politicians and intermediaries, we must resort to violence. We must resort to POTENCY and its numerous expressions.

And now, the ways out:

  • We only have to feel fear, and even panic, about death in life, i.e. denial of the inner potency of every human being, for it is no news that a single individual human being can change the course of history and that it is entirely impossible to silence and annul the potency nesting inside each person. Imagine what the world would be like if instead of protesting and opposing violence with more violence, all the inhabitants of the world decided to spend a week at home, meditating about their dormant possibilities and dreams to be fulfilled.

  • We only have to feel sorrow about what is good, alive and sensitive that we could damage or allow to be damaged in us and in others. True growth involves striving to understand the objective causes of pain (illness, death, hunger, neglect) to learn about and teach about care. Imagine what a country would be like in which for another seven days, we only devoted ourselves to caring for, maintaining, developing and consoling everything that suffers in us and in our surroundings, devoting ourselves very specially to the generational bridge of the future, the one already established between grandparents and grandchildren. Imagine that programme, at the grandparents’ home, while parents meditate about how to care for and develop their own relationships as couples. The educational programme would make a quantum leap. And a defining one.

  • We only have to feel outrage against untruthful and repressive values, and only if we can offer in exchange, higher and more cultured values, capable of bringing about unanimity in every person of good will, in other words, impartial. When will we understand that finding culprits and scapegoats only serves to divert attention from the real lies, manipulations and inversions that we swallow every day? It only serves to degrade others and to degrade ourselves. Even those responsible for today’s crisis, deserve to be offered integrating and reinstated values and choices, once we have made them our own flesh and blood. Let us imagine that for another seven days we all devote ourselves to providing better values, solutions, impartiality and tolerance instead of shouting our heads off to see whether we can earn the dishonourable post of directing this madhouse that we have turned the world into. We could start on a domestic scale, within our neighbourhood association. That way, our culture would recover its right to citizenship. Because there would be citizens…

  • We only have to experience pride in the face of what is great, grown, talented and transforming. Everything else is vanity, pure pathetic ego, because it is hollow and competitive. Only admiration for what surpasses us gives us the status capable of recovering the essences of beauty, uncontaminated, transforming and mutating, civilising in short. Let us imagine one more week, devoted to creating something of our own, and in doing so a multitude of micro-enterprises based on the differential talent of vocational teams and on barter. A country as ingenious as ours could at least recover the pride of what it always was and never allowed itself to be in the light of day. Nobody needs anyone else if they have themselves with integrity and dignity, expressing themselves fearlessly in their work and in the construction of their own life.

  • We only have to love what is loveable, solidary, what gives itself generously to the best of itself and of others, without evaluating the potential result in a miserly fashion before committing. For there is no way of evaluating before committing, without holding back due to bad experiences of the past which deny the presumption of innocence in what is new. Imagine another seven days telling those we love and everyone who brought us something throughout our life, how much we love them, how grateful we are, and if we told ourselves how much that is valuable we have given and proffered throughout our lives. And at the same time, write a declaration of gratitude to all the great beings who are dead and who have allowed us, thanks to their generosity in sharing their work with us, to become what we are and what we have today.

  • We only have to feel joy in the face of what is Truth, wherever it may be and whoever states it, we only have to be joyful about Freedom. Freedom, that which is inalienable and which nothing and nobody can wrench from us, for we are free in our decisions and actions at each moment. And Truth is always light and freedom. It isn’t sought, it finds us and illuminates us when we simply place ourselves virginally, in a Garden of Eden, to receive it, be thankful for and celebrate it. Let us imagine another seven days entirely devoted to receiving truth, to finding in ourselves – since we are matter and not only physicists should wager on this – that “God particle”, self-creating, of light nesting and never sleeping inside each human being. That particle of freedom that guides and moves us and that is called the Spirit of Truth and Freedom.

Yes, there are ways out, in just 42 days, and not only for us. For everyone. We are on holiday, so why not travel to the most wonderful place in ourselves and in others: the one of Liberating Potency. Happy Holidays everyone, friends!"



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[-] 2 points by OccupyNews (1220) 11 years ago

I'm on a Debt Neutrality crusade. If enough people can pay off their credit cards and student loans by eliminating future interest rate charges, penalties and fees, the money saved in interest rate charges, (one billion dollars per day in the USA), will start to flow directly to their neighbors instead of starving wall street bankers.


[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 11 years ago

This post openly accuses Germany of going down the WWII path again. do you agree with that?

[-] 1 points by AntonioJGCruz (5) 11 years ago

I think that Germany is seeking to control as much as they can...

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 11 years ago

A friend of mine reminded me the other day that the dark ages came after Rome fell. Rome was the greatest empire the world had seen at that point,