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Forum Post: U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) constitution with 100% employment rights was toppled by KGB "political bastard" - Gorbacev with the creation of unemployment and terrorism worldwide...Gennady/Putin must correct this error...

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 14, 2012, 5:03 a.m. EST by DRSTNDESILVA (4) from Colombo, Western Province
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The 100% human friendly constitution of the USSR had 174 Articles. In short and sweet...Workers of all the countries, unite!

Article 9: The principal direction in the development of the political system of Soviet society is the extension of socialist democracy...

Article 14: The source of the growth of social wealth and of the well-being of the people, and of each individual, is the labour, free from exploitation, of Soviet people.

Article 40: Citizens of the USSR have the right to work (that is, to guaranteed employment and pay in accordance with the quantity and quality of their work, and not below the state-established minimum), including the right to choose their trade or profession, type of job and work in accordance with their inclinations, abilities, training and education, with due account of the needs of society. This right is ensured by the socialist economic system, steady growth of the productive forces, free vocational and professional training in new trades or professions, and development of the systems of vocational guidance and job placement.

Article 41: Citizens of the USSR have the right to rest and leisure.

Article 42: Citizens of the USSR have the right to health protection.

Article 43: Citizens of the USSR have the right to maintenance in old age, in sickness, and in the event of complete or partial disability or loss of the breadwinner.

Article 44: Citizens of the USSR have the right to housing.

Article 45: Citizens of the USSR have the right to education.

Article 53: The family enjoys the protection of the state. Marriage is based on the free consent of the woman and the man; the spouses are completely equal in their family relations. The state helps the family by providing and developing a broad system of childcare institutions, by organizing and improving communal services and public catering, by paying grants on birth of a child, by providing children's allowances and benefits for large families, and other forms of family allowances and assistance.

Article 56: The privacy of citizens and of their correspondence, telephone conversations, telegraphic communications is protected by law.

Article 62: Citizens of the USSR are obliged to safeguard interests of the Soviet state, and to enhance its power and prestige. Defense of the socialist motherland is the sacred duty of every citizen of the USSR. Betrayal of the motherland is the gravest of crimes against the people.

Article 69: It is the internationalist duty of citizens of the USSR to promote friendship and cooperation with peoples of other lands and help maintain and strengthen world peace.

...just see how this much human friendly constitution was crushed by American dollar bribes to Mihail Gorbacev and his clan. Even now it is not too late to prosecute Gorbacev for the violation of Article 62 of the USSR constitution. Gorbacev's this foolish political decision have created mass unemployment not only in Russia, but all over the world including Italy, Romania, Sri Lanka, India, China, America...etc. with the booming of suicides, terrorism and alcohol/narcotic addictions.

Comrade Vladimir Putin, your Excellency's 3rd Presidency is about to begin. In the name of God / Buddha / Allah / Mayan Gods and Lenin through the "Shanghai - cooperation" and BRICS you must correct this greatest political error of mass unemployment and bring back the prestige of the Russian Federation. Never bow down to the American dollar / Euro bribes of CIA / Mossad.

Long live fsb / svr without unemployment with its former power and presitge!

Despertad!...ya es tarde

"Socialismo o muerte"

"Tutto puo cambiare, Basta immaginar lo"

Liberte - Egalite - Fraternite

Keep in touch.


Dr. S.T.N. De Silva

21/28 Polhengoda Gardens, off Polhengoda Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)



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[-] 1 points by Revolutionary (311) 6 years ago

The breaking down of USSR was a great tragedy which has affected all the humanity especially muslims.

[-] 1 points by larocks (414) from Lexington, KY 6 years ago

and how does this pertain to democracy

[-] 0 points by DRSTNDESILVA (4) from Colombo, Western Province 6 years ago

Dear Lexington, Kentucky:

If Vladimir Putin and Gennardy through fsb / svr infiltrate capitalist lobby within CIA / Mossad and modify American constitution to guarantee 100% employment rights within USA, there won't be suicides, terrorist attacks, narcotic addictions...etc., not only inside USA, but all over the world, thus guaranteeing social harmony / socialist democracy all over the world.

As other countries take American economy as a role model, unemployment problem must be dealt with by 0% unemployment inside USA in order to solve the unemployment tendencies in other countries. For this fsb / svr / People's Liberation Army infiltrations are needed to topple top level capitalist lobby inside USA and European Union.

Keep in touch.

Dr. S.T.N. De Silva