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Forum Post: US Social Slavery Programs

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 29, 2011, 3:53 p.m. EST by NightShade (163)
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Through the years I've been on and off welfare usually when my unemployment ran dry. Personally these days if it gets that bad for me I'd rather rob someone if I can't find work, or a way to survive in this godless town rather than try and apply at the welfare office Here is why.

You will get no supplements for atleast 50 days. This means no money even if you are on the edge of financial collapse. If you have children this is even worse, they could take your kids away if you can not provide for them.

For people who never even walked into a Social Services office before this is what happens.

Usually you walk into the welfare office to ask for an application, usually there is a long line of appliances who have previously been denied assistance and are replying, onces at the counter you will tell the woman you are applying for Public Assistance, she will than ask which kind. There are loads of different assistance programs out there to meet certain individual needs, but the 3 basic are Cash, Food Stamps, and Medicaid. (Sometimes I've even stand it in line a whole working day just to receive the applications I need, though once receiving them you can mail them back which they have an option to do so since they even know the lines are all the way down the block.)

She will usually give you 4 large catalogs of soft cover books, within these are 3 application forms one for each sub division to fit the applicants needs, they will come in color coordination, each category typically ask around 200 to 400 questions and a seperate softcover book for directions and infomation on how to fill out the applications.

The questions will go so deep into your personal life and psyche it's unimaginable, some of the question are even stupid too that no sane person would answer with truth like "Are you recently running from law authorities because of a crime you were recently involved in? or "Have you ever had threatening thoughts about the current Federal or Local Government?"

After answering all the questions which could take hours or days to complete mainly because you need to gather all the document proof that you exist or avoiding pitfalls in the forms. You than return the application, meaning going back in the long line and waiting until you can hand it over through the bullet Proof glass window counter top with a button you have to press to talk into the microphone. A warning is usually plastered up above the glass plate stating that any threats or emotional anguish directed to the Social worker is a Federal offense and you could spend up to 8 years in prison for and carries a felony offense.

These social workers are some of the most vial scum on the planet that are there to make sure you don't get approved and to instigate you to argue with them. There is usually police officers standing in the lobby so don't even bother arguing with them, you won't win.

She will tell you that you will receive a notice in the mail for the date and time you will be interviewed by a Social Worker. The notice usually comes within 2 weeks or under depending of saturation. Like any Social Service appointment you have to make it there on the dot, just one or two minutes late means you will be disqualified and you will have to reregister doing all that crap I said above over again.

When you come in for your first interview before meeting with the social worker you have to fill out more forms usually a smaller recap of the junk you had to fill out with your application form from before, plus a signature test.

Once you finally sit down to talk to the Social worker you will be directed to a small cubical with where she will be sitting behind a bullet proof glass windows, you will be told to speak slowly and clearly in a microphone in which a sign next to it says this interview is being recorded for record purposes.

You then will be sitting there for usually 5 - 15 minutes being told by the social worker how much a lousy piece of shit you are to society and some questions usually about your family. I once went into the interview and the first thing out of the Social Workers mouth was how come I didn't go to the military recruitment office first, later after she denied my case she gave me papers on the directions on how to get to the recruitment office.

Usually she will tell you then and there after the interview is over if you have been accepted or denied of public assistance, but sometimes she'll be a cunt and tell you that you will receive a decision through the mail within two weeks.

Either way once approved you will then have to come back into the office for 4 hours. During this part you will be finger printed and mugshot by police and other workers in the building, you have to sit there next to a police officer while the worker searches you through the criminal database. If you pass you enter out in the hallway and told to wait here until your papers are printed out. If you don't pass the criminal background check well... You probably know what happens with you and the cop standing next to you with handcuffs.

This also applies for unpaid parking tickets which I got busted for one, they took me out back in the awaited patty wagon where I met a now good friend name James, they got him on the same damn thing. I've seen some young boys try to run from this section, they never make it out the door. If you don't go through this section you are automatically denied benefits.

Now if you passed all this and your at this stage, you will be receiving around $100 - $200 in food stamps within 14 days from the date you first submitted your application, 40 days wait for cash, and 60 - 90 day wait for health benefits in which you have to choose a Medicaid plan, health insurance agencies connected to the state will compete for your choice through the mail.

But wait we are not done just yet, if you are an able buddy that can work, they will send you in a program called the 'work program that the notice comes in the mail way before any other benefits, within 3 to 4 days after being approved actually. The work program is basically modern slavery, since they work you hard on labor jobs for the county that would otherwise pay $14 an hour but for you after 2 hard weeks of labor get only $200 and some odd change in cash benefits for that month, not only this but once you leave Welfare and find yourself a job you have to pay all these goodies back in which they subsidize out of your new jobs pay check. Last year I had to pay $1,300 back to welfare for being on there program for 3 and a half months before I received a job.

If you miss one day or late by 5 minutes on the work program without a doctor excuse you are denied benefits, funny thing is they won't tell you this information until after you've worked your two weeks of work.



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