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Forum Post: US government has become a sponsor of terrorism

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 13, 2011, 9:15 a.m. EST by Samsquatch (48)
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think about it, they have become the definition of terrorists. they use fear as an excuse to take away our freedoms, our privacy. the latest act of terrorism is the 2012 NDAA. they wish to remove the right to due process for anybody they accuse of being "terrorists" and by doing so they have shown themselves as the true terrorists, fear peddling war mongers. and yet... we are just as responsible for this as they are. we have bought into this fear for way too long, or been generally apathetic to the outcome of the removal of our Freedoms. we need to challenge ourselves to get away from all the fear being pumped through our television sets. once we accept responsibility for the perpetuation of the fear machine we can go about fixing it. stop buying into the fear they spew, stop being afraid of your fellow man. think about it! when you stop making yourself into a victim and take responsibility for your actions, the fear immediately starts dissipating. the best tool to induce fear is to tell a person they are powerless to stop it from being a major part of their lives. i am done with being a victim, i hope you will be too. before it is too late. the best part about fear and destruction is that it feeds on itself. when we stop feeding it, it starves to death. i applaud you all who have railed against the fear, standing up for yourselves! this is the real reason the banking system is failing now, people aren't buying into their BS anymore and so they start feeding off of each other until there is nothing left! so i hope for an economic collapse, sometimes you have to start over from scratch. i hope we can find a way to prosecute the true terrorists and remove their power base of fear. we need to wake up and think for ourselves! if you have done this already i applaud you for leading the way, but we are stronger in numbers, so it behooves us to shake awake the sleeping masses. take back your lives, no matter what anybody says, you are awesome. we are all awesome! think about it, the only way somebody takes control of another is by saying they are somehow better and that the other person is a sniveling sinner who is no better than a parasite. when the people realize how awesome they can be, the person in power is removed. you see this again and again in cults. WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS, YOUR SELF!



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[-] 1 points by Samsquatch (48) 10 years ago

the best way to remove these guys is to prove that they have broken their oath of office, which is very easy actually. they swear to support and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, creating laws that subvert the constitution automatically breaks this oath.