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Forum Post: Urgent invitation to the President.

Posted 10 years ago on Sept. 14, 2012, 12:26 p.m. EST by dreamingforward (394) from Gothenburg, NE
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Mr. President,

As someone who believes in the ideals of the United States, I implore you to examine the current economic crisiis with a new gaze.

The problems facing the masses of the 21st Century are unique throughout our journey into civilization. Never before have the masses been able to be so literate, educated, and connected. And never before has the traditional path of conquest and expansion to create economic value been at such a nadir. With these have emerged all the issues that have been swept under the rug for the 200+ years since America's principals were first conceived.

The ideals for democracy that the American founders envisioned couldn't have imagined how immense the media system would come to dominate. While they were astute enough to ensure Freedom of the Press to mitigate the power of information, they couldn't have anticipated that the wheels of capitalism would concentrate such power into the few. A democracy must have an informed populace to be effective, but if the media for staying informed are NOT democratic, but determined by corporations which are obliged to provide a return to its owners, then the process and ideals of democracy falter.

Nor could they have anticipated and planned for the "end of the West", wherefrom the newly arising youth get displaced because the land for development is already taken by the dominant property "owners" operating within their dominant paradigm. That's where we are today, with the generation X and younger who are quite literate and won't be content with production-line jobs in the industrial economy, but want the vibrancy of the cultures they find on the Net.

The Internet can provide a unified infrastructure to complement the movement of physical goods to provide for human needs and move America (and the world) out of the legacy that is the Industrial Age into a new one of the Creative Age; from the Age of Separation, Expansion, and Independence to one of Re-Union, Collaboration, and Inter-Dependence.

If the warning signs are ignored, the system endangers itself from self-collapse. As any biologist can tell you, there is no sustainable scenario of exponential growth on a finite planet. I urge you to get in contact with those of use who do have such a vision, and with me, personally, for a comprehensive plan that can create America 2.0.


Mark Janssen

cc: occupywallst.org see more at: pangaia.sourceforge.net



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