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Forum Post: *URGENT* Government is ordering Youtube to CENSOR protest videos (via ANONYMOUS)

Posted 8 years ago on Oct. 21, 2011, 2:20 a.m. EST by precipice (220)
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ANONYMOUS has just issued a warning that governments are ordering Youtube to censor protest videos to stop the #OCCUPY movement.

"‎Forget copyright infringement, YouTube is now complying with removal orders from governments to stop populist rage going viral

In a frightening example of how the state is tightening its grip around the free Internet, it has emerged that You Tube is complying with thousands of requests from governments to censor and remove videos that show protests and other examples of citizens simply asserting their rights, while also deleting search terms by government mandate."

... Full story http://www.occupyr.com/News/thread.php?id=249



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[-] 2 points by phantom3 (110) 8 years ago

Cancel your account

With no members they are nobody

[-] 2 points by MechanicalMoney (208) 8 years ago

Occupy Youtube... it's you-tube not gov-tube.gov.org/propaganda.

[-] 2 points by anotherone773 (734) from Carlyle, IL 8 years ago

I am in the US and i get plenty of vids on youtube on the protest. The ones i notice that keep disappearing are the ones of Gaddafi's death.

[-] 1 points by NbdySpcl (27) 8 years ago

http://youtu.be/exuGv3HsV-U - great depression riots vid. look familiar?

[-] 1 points by NbdySpcl (27) 8 years ago

I have been seeing rampant blockage, removal, frozen stats, broken or non existant seo on site, tag removal, etc...

we need to use and alternate sources dload and upload everything. redistribute! start cell can strings.

[-] 1 points by monahan (272) 8 years ago

The govt is trying to supress the movement I'm any way

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 8 years ago

anonymous is capable of uploading it's videos on other servers

[-] 1 points by moediggity (646) from Houston, TX 8 years ago

The brits on there are saying that they can watch the videos just fine man. Has it been implemented yet?

[-] 1 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 8 years ago

That's because they're run by Google and Google is all about bowing to wishes of various govts around the world, including our own.

[-] 1 points by MadAsHellInTX (598) from Shepherd, TX 8 years ago

Yeah, Google are professional asskissers where Youtube is concerned. Any gov, any corp, can demand vids be censored, & google complies without questioning why. onepercenter, it's been serlously fucked up and gone way too far for years.

[-] 3 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 8 years ago

Google CEO Eric Schmidt in 2010, quote: Privacy on the internet will have to go away because "governments will demand it!"

[-] 0 points by marcxstar (167) from Los Angeles, CA 8 years ago

I suspect that Anonymous Hackers is a front organization for whoever manufactures those V For Vendetta masks.

[-] 0 points by AntiCorp (187) 8 years ago

Isn't Youtube owned by a division of GE? The same GE that doesn't pay taxes? The very GE you are protesting? Hypocritical.....so u like GE? Or you don't like GE?

[-] -1 points by PlasmaStorm (242) 8 years ago

You could have told us "They tried to citizens arrest an innocent bystanding British judge, and that's why the British government wanted the video removed."

Does no one even bother to see the outrage, the outrage against the judge? These people should be put in prison. They shouldn't be youtubing, they should be in prison.

And the group you're taking news from, Anonymous, a group that breaks laws in every country.

[-] 2 points by MadAsHellInTX (598) from Shepherd, TX 8 years ago

Free speech is free speech, it's a fundamental right, and it got stomped on by google kissing ass.. So what if Anon broke the story. Word got out.

[-] 1 points by PlasmaStorm (242) 8 years ago

It's not a fundamental right in the UK and they should be thrown in jail for their conduct towards the judge.

The judge has a fundamental right to not be assaulted by protesters.

[-] 1 points by MadAsHellInTX (598) from Shepherd, TX 8 years ago

"The judge has a fundamental right to not be assaulted by protesters."

Ok, I can agree with that. The censorship is still over the top, though.

[-] 1 points by MadAsHellInTX (598) from Shepherd, TX 8 years ago

You're in the UK? If not, how do you know?