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Forum Post: Until the people that have theirs ...

Posted 10 years ago on May 5, 2013, 9:43 a.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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start to care about the people that don't, nothing will ever change... propaganda has ensured they won't - BUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED:

  • others Capitalizing on their struggle and are taught this is the American way now because you can be a slumlord too or go become a state developer or engineer or nurse if you don't like being broke "it's that easy"

  • they are taught that those people just did not work hard enough or aren't smart enough or are just plain lazy and dumb and deserve to have less

  • people accept this is just the way things will be now and, "I am lucky enough I can take care of myself and my own family let alone worry about others, because "hey we all have problems"

  • Wall Street and their cronies in DC know how to tire out, divide and conquer, wear down, take over, and rule the citizenry, and use us as a means to their ends "be grateful to your lords and masters for providing you with the opportunity for work" (try to forget that they set the conditions for which you can no longer compete or work for yourself or gain any upward mobility, or depend on yourselves and others in your country rather than a corporate oligarchy) - "minimum wage (aka wage ransom/ slavery) is better than starving after all"



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[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 10 years ago

Now ain't this the truth too and if it is, this too bears echoing here :

''Yep America is in a major crisis. You forgot to mention this ever growing state of hoarding and competition. You know once upon a time I glimpsed a life where others taught things to people for free (it was an artistic field) where personal achievement was more sought after than being better and "beating everyone else at a game". People freely apprenticed and offered up information to others. Those more experienced and knowledgeable freely passed on their skills to those "beneath" them. It was a world of mutual respect and achievement gained through trust and cooperation and becoming so innately good yourself that you are not worried about being outshined and knowing that you can still always learn even from even those you may teach to.

''I live in a world now where I see information is being hoarded (sic). People won't even go so much out of their way as to show someone how to use a fax machine let alone anything of real value. Worth is measured by what you paid out and what you can keep for yourself. There is no inner sense of passion or goals or interest going on in America's workplaces. There is no inner desire to pass on what is known or what has been learned. It is a cultural wasteland resembling Animal Farm.

''What kind of world are we living in? Would we have music or scientific knowledge, or hell even food, if our ancestors had hoarded all that they knew and refused to pass it on to those of lesser means or access? To say I will keep this information to myself because it increases my "value" and I paid for it why should you learn anything for free? "Why should I give you one step forward when no one gave one to me when in fact keeping you down increases my own bottom line?" "Why should I train you?" It all seems fake.

''When information is not exchanged, when there is so much competition and hoarding and false value created merely by scarcity and hoarding, nothing can grow or expand and value merely by lack of competition or others ability to pay for the same access, is not actually value, it is just trumped up bullshit.''


A brilliant comment 'elf', which needed repeating

And please excuse the li'l presumptuous editing

Not any of your words - but of your paragraphing.


Vive les cris des coeurs !!!

pax, amor et lux ...