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Forum Post: Unspeakable Cruel Inhumane Treatment of an Inmate!

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 13, 2012, 3:06 a.m. EST by RubyHM (0)
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On March 14, 2011 Christopher Manhard was convicted of a Burglary and sent to prison to spend 30 months there before he'll receive a termination on September 1, 2013. The problem is he may not live to see that day. Which has his wife fighting like a tigress for his rights.

Back in April 2011 he was placed on a medication for his seizure disorder that he is allergic to. The prison officials despite repeated pleas have refused to take him off of the medication. This has left Christopher with no choice but to refuse taking it, which now has his seizures out of control.

Christopher due to an incident a few years back also lost 3/4 of his stomach. Resulting in a need for a special diet. That diet consists of low starches/carbohydrates a heightened protein intake with Ensure to supplement the nutritional intake. The prison has refused to give him this diet resulting in a drastic weight loss. He is now approximately 35 pounds under weight.

Then on November 12, 2011 he took a fall down a flight of stairs at around the 6pm hour, when his wife was there to visit him. She was told that he could not see her because he was being taken to the infirmary for a seizure. Later she found out he'd fallen down the stairs then been held in a strip cell for two days with out even being looked at as a quote on quote suicide prevention. When truth be told he'd taken the medication he was allergic to because the prison officials would not hear his pleas for help to try and stop the seizures leaving him thoroughly dis-orientated. To this day they have refused to treat his shoulder and have left him in agonizing pain since. His wife reports him whimpering every time he moves when she sees him and Christopher being constantly on the verge of tears from the pain. She has resorted to a cry out to the public for help by petitioning the governor and the board of pardons and parole to release him on a parole so she can get him to a hospital. As the prison refuses to grant him his 8th Amendment rights. Here is the link to the petition if you want to help her out with it. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/parole-christopher-manhard/



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