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Forum Post: UNESCO cuts and Article 5

Posted 9 years ago on Nov. 1, 2011, 11:18 p.m. EST by Fresh2Death13 (207) from Windsor, ON
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So boys and girls I have just read this article about how in the 1990's congress passed a law stating if any U.N. body admits Palestine as a member they will cut funding and retract membership I would like to know how YOU feel about UNESCO which boys and girls lets be blatantly honest might be the ONLY true good thing to come out of the U.N.

I can tell this bugs you and I know you would NEVER support the apartheid in south Africa so why does Israel get away with it? The Palestine did not ask to have their land stolen they didn't need a roomie...I know what you will say ohh boo freaking hoo not my problem. Now comes the shocker though this only CAN happen because of America. America quite routinely blocks and or veto's anything regarding Israel and humans rights abuse thus perpetuating the death and STARVATION of children. Please America wake up and realize whats being done in YOUR name expand your knowledge outside of the city you live in. If you want to take power away from these big companies and shady groups with World control on their minds support and article 5 convention and support the third party. Look at What Obama has done with his term... HE has been a republican basically giving in on all of the things they want and I know you remember that promise about bring the troops home yea that was a joke he sent MORE young men & women to wage a war of oppression against lets be honest, people who couldn't show you where America was on a map. Now im not even going to waste my precious time on a republican outside of Ron Lawl this man has the right idea's you know he must be the perfect man for the job when Bachmann calls him nuts !! This link is all about article 5 please call your congressman and start the conversation its almost too late




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[-] 1 points by Fresh2Death13 (207) from Windsor, ON 9 years ago

Ron Lawl

[-] 1 points by dbreslin46 (8) 9 years ago

Ron Lawl that is.

[-] 1 points by dbreslin46 (8) 9 years ago

If you are talking about Ron Lawl you are dredfully wrong. He is a Liberatarian which means Corporations can do whatever they want. Such as descriminate: I'll give you an example I heard directly from his son. Resteraunts should have the right to serve or not serve whoever they want...when asked does this mean if the owner is racist he should have the right to serve only whites he didn't directly answer only saying that the owner of the resteraunt should be able to deny service to whom ever it wants. Also he and his son signed the pledge not to raise taxes. They also believe that there should be no regulations on businesses such as any from the EPA or financial regulations ect.... Definately not a canidate for the mases but certainly one friendly to corporations! No Thanks!!!

[-] 1 points by Fresh2Death13 (207) from Windsor, ON 9 years ago

Ron Lawl gets points for honesty NONE of the republican candidates are worth a damn and Obama is a liar I do not believe Ron Lawl would just let corporations do what they want or else they would be backing him all the way to the white house like bush and Romney now

[-] 1 points by rin1 (123) 9 years ago

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