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Forum Post: Understanding the basics of fiat currency operations

Posted 7 years ago on Oct. 10, 2012, 3:56 p.m. EST by RogerErickson (0)
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Credit, Currency, Criminology, Policy - suggestion on how to proceed.

After reading much, listening much and questioning much the last 4 years, I've come to some basic conclusions about our situation.

1) We're a large population constituting a complex culture ... and we're growing rapidly, in both numbers and net complexity!

2) Hence, our demands to organize are accelerating, not just increasing. Meeting that growing demand requires considerable organizational effort, and requires we converge to simple yet stringent rules for hyper-accelerating coordination, through delegation and compounding cooperation. In short, we all need to do a little less of more things, while spending less time at most of those things. (We used to spend 8 hrs a day doing one job, for life. Now, most of us interleave many more activities, and change them all faster. One generation now goes through several generations of change, if you follow my meaning.)

3) When it comes to successfully organizing our own economy: "The root issue of our day, and of every day, is to find sensible ways to leverage what we're capable of producing." One way or another, that means distributing resources and freedoms well enough to improve the quality of distributed decision-making. That's how agile cultures run circles around cultures that hoard the wrong things. The most obvious lesson is most easily neglected: we succeed most as we learn to hoard teamwork, not static assets.

4) To learn how to hoard more coordination capabilities each year, we have to actively practice teamwork, or else our expanding team (population) can't even maintain - let alone increase - sustainable organization. It's a statistical fact that increasing population numbers make us collectively dumber (less organized) until we learn how to organize a bigger team even better than we used to organize a smaller one. Sounds daunting, but that's what evolution does - and we can have fun solving that task, or we can make it harder than it has to be. If we do it right, we generate insanely great returns, enough to make us all richer than we can presently even imagine. If we do it wrong, we quickly go into the dustbin of history, to be replaced by others willing to practice on a larger scale, by taking on more & bigger projects allowing their population to practice coordination.

5) One example: all the arguments over credit, income, banks, currency supply, fiscal spending, and taxes - i.e., economics (you would think). Note, however, that discussion of the current crisis is almost completely dominated by economists, of all people! Yet economists know almost nothing about any topic except currency flows. They really know nothing about credit, incomes, currency operations, banking, fiscal operations, reserve banking, criminology, fraud, White Collar crime - let alone military, social and other national policy trends.

Comically, economists model accounting, but only military industrialists model the logistics of ALL of their own processes. There's something entirely lacking in economics. It studies money alone, which is just one of an endless & increasing list of inter-related processes. You can't design, build & operate even an engine by accounting alone - let alone a factory or a national economy. Truly, what part of "fiat" don't economists understand? 99.999999% of it?

So, one little suggestion, at a bare minimum.

We need a full-spectrum ... Forum on "Credit, Currency, Criminology, Policy." ...

That involves, at the least, SIMULTANEOUSLY bringing in: Anthropologists who study the "Anthropology of Credit," Honest bankers (NOT econs) who know "Currency Operations," Criminologists who know White Collar Crime operations; Policy staff who know that we have a fiat currency, why, and HOW TO USE IT to further national goals & the General Welfare of the People, not just the pockets of one specific lobby.

That would be a start. We need a simple, visual, general model that continuously updates both the Situation of the USA, the Situational Awareness of the US electorate, and a hierarchical list of most notable options available for exploration.

Without that increasing level of discussion, we have politics as is - which is a random collection of tactics masquerading as national goals. Right now we're wandering aimlessly instead of having consensus goals, achieving them, and then reassessing after victory.

After that, we need EQUALLY WEIGHTED input & feedback from all the other 1800 or so professions listed in the NAICS codes, from pregnant mothers to doting grandfathers. Our economy is too important to leave to the economists. In fact, organization means that all processes are too important to leave to the presumed process owners.

Anyone seriously interested in helping us formulate where to go, and how, please write to me directly, at r g e (at) Operation Institute (dot) com

ps: it's an issue to avoid spam; so to prove you're human, don't forget to add an "s" to the end of "Operation"



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