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Forum Post: UN offical charges - mass murder through starvation

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 19, 2012, 9:15 p.m. EST by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai
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"German fascism took six years of war to kill 56 million people—the neo-liberal economic order easily does the same in a little more than a year," said Jean Ziegler, the Swiss national who formerly served as the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, and is now Vice President of the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council, in an interview with the Berlin left-wing newspaper Junge Welt Nov. 16.

Ziegler has just released a book entitled We Let Them Starve, Mass Destruction in the Third World, in which he describes exactly how the mass starvation is being carried out by the dominant world financial powers. "For the people of the South, the Third World War has already begun," he said.

Children are being murdered by unnecessary starvation, he charges. This is not an objective problem. There are four main mechanisms by which this is carried out:

1) Speculation in basic foodstuffs, including by the cartels

2) The increasing use of bio-fuels: "To burn hundreds of millions of tons of food on a planet where every five seconds a child starves, is a crime against humanity."

3) The indebtedness of Third World countries

4) Agricultural dumping in the Third World—also known as free trade.




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[-] 2 points by Renneye (3874) 7 years ago

Thanks for this post Arturo...and for your perseverance & all that you do here at OWS.

[-] 1 points by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai 7 years ago

Why thank you my friend.

[-] 2 points by richardkentgates (3269) 7 years ago

I'm sorry this thread isn't more relevant to the other users of the forum. Good post, very important topic.

[-] 1 points by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai 7 years ago

Thanks, please notify the poster below.

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 7 years ago

Where was the UN when half a million children were dying in Iraq from trade sanctions imposed primarily by the UK and US admins?

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 7 years ago

And Rwanda.

[-] 2 points by Nevada1 (5843) 7 years ago

Hi GirlFriday,

Thank you for mentioning. So easy and convenient, to overlook Africa.

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 7 years ago

Thanks, Nevada.

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 7 years ago

I don't trust them any more than I trust politicians.

They don't seem to do anything without a hidden agenda.

Just another arm of the octupus that threatens us all.

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 7 years ago

They were intentionally set up to have no teeth. That's why sending in the peace keepers is such a joke. Then if one country doesn't get a shot at the table with the big boys then they................decide that they aren't going to provide drinking water to places like Darfur (Japan).

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 7 years ago

Not new news, but telling, for mine.

World news

Kofi Annan resigns as Syria envoy

Syrian peace mission impossible because of militarisation on the ground and lack of international unity, says former head of UN

Share 218

Ian Black, Middle East editor
The Guardian, Thursday 2 August 2012 19.58 BST    

Kofi Annan quits as international envoy to Syria. Link to this video

International disarray over the bloody crisis in Syria has been starkly underlined when the UN envoy Kofi Annan announced that he was resigning because of the failure of what he said had become a "mission impossible".

The former UN secretary general said it had been a "sacred duty" to take up the position five months ago to try to find a solution to the conflict. But growing militarisation and a lack of unity among world powers had changed the circumstances.

"At a time when we need – when the Syrian people desperately need action – there continues to be finger-pointing and name-calling in the security council," Annan said on Thursday in a sometimes bitter and frustrated statement he made at the UN's Geneva headquarters.

Annan's six-point plan for peace in Syria was already moribund but his dramatic resignation will serve as its death certificate. It leaves the international community without an effective grip on the most violent chapter of the Arab spring, now morphing into a civil war that has already cost an estimated 20,000 lives.

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 7 years ago

They are useless. Utterly useless.

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 7 years ago

Good post Arturo.

Also, there is the crimes of Monsanto.

[-] 1 points by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai 7 years ago

Thanks, it appears I've gotten a lot of support on this one.

[-] 0 points by RedDragon (-161) 7 years ago

I think we need to expound on 3 a little here...

[-] -3 points by Coyote88 (-24) 7 years ago

German "Facism" did not kill 56 million people. Lyndon LaRouche and his butt boys. So amusing.

[-] 1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 7 years ago

Sadly, I avoided paying any attention to LaRouche's teachings for decades, brainwashed by the MSM. Then after Bush/Cheney stole the 2000 election and were not arrested I started stopping by their tables because they recognized the crime. I soon realized that they had a lot to offer.

By all means, criticize LaRouche's positions when you disagree with them, but tarring him with a broad brush is the tool of brainwashers.

It seems to me that LaRouche simply doesn't take half positions. This means that he is either spectacularly correct (i.e., on the economy) or occasionally spectacularly wrong, in my opinion. But that his thought is not studied is a crime that we are all paying for.

[-] 2 points by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai 7 years ago

Thanks, glad to hear it.

[-] 0 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 7 years ago

I just added "occasionally" to the 2nd to last statement. I didn't mean it to sound so even. It's sad but when one praises Larouche or one of his positions, one almost has to disagree with him twice for every one agreement to keep one's credibility -- the powers that be have made him that 'radioactive.'

[-] 1 points by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai 7 years ago

Yes, indeed so.

For the record, I do disagree with them on certain matters, more on style than substance. As in most organizations, there are some people in the Larouche organization that are rather petty and manipulative, and they pay for it by turning off a lot of people who could be their supporters.

[-] 1 points by arturo (3169) from Shanghai, Shanghai 7 years ago

Please remove your mouth from the sewer in order to render your "reasoning" slightly more comprehensible.


[-] 0 points by Coyote88 (-24) 7 years ago

So are you saying that the Soviets didn't kill millions? And the Japanese? Or are you so ignorant that you don't care about reality?