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Forum Post: Ultimate Absolute(s)

Posted 8 years ago on March 27, 2012, 8:54 p.m. EST by cubedemon (185)
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I wrote this a while back:

I believe I understand now. I have been trying to discover the ultimate absolute(s). I have failed everytime. Everytime I tried to make an ultimate absolute it failed every single time. This is because everytime I attempted to complete it I would have inconsistencies. I kept encountering the problem of this. I kept trying to make a consistent and complete absolute. Everytime I did that it would just fall apart.

Let's say I had the set A. In order for A to be complete it has to have some thing along the lines of B & ~B. There would have to be iterations that fit into the subset B & ~B of set A. This is a contradiction. Nothing can this fit this. I would have to have something that could not be A in order for A to remain consistent. C would contain both set A and ~ A. I tried to complete set C. I encountered the same problem. I would end up with a B & ~ B again. Another contradiction occurs. This process of

  1. Creating an absolute
  2. Obtaining a contradiction
  3. The negation of the absolute had to be formed to resolve the inconsistency.

This was a cyclic step by step process that I went to and what I discovered was this. I could not have an absolute that was complete and consistent. This meant absolutes only existed within certain subsets. This process of discovering absolutes and resolving contradictions is an infinite process. What does this mean? This means the ultimate absolute(s) is an infinite process of reaching the ultimate absolute(s). Since it is infinite it is not completeable and definable. There are absolutes which are inconsistent and complete. The ultimate absolute is an infinite progression of an infinite amount of absolutes which complete, consisting them(resolving contradictions), and making new ones in an infinite in-depth and in-bredth process. The statement "There are no absolutes" eventually becomes falsified as well since there are an infinite amount of ultimate absolutes which are only true within their subsets. Therefore, there are no absolutes which are consistent and complete.

a(1) inc a(all) in superset b >> ~a being an a >> a and ~a >> a or ~a. >>some other set(1)inc to some other set(all) This says as we increase the members of subset of a to the maximum amount we reach a contradiction. The contradiction has to be broken apart so therefore a in superset b can't always hold up. We're back to square one and the process repeats.



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[-] 1 points by cubedemon (185) 8 years ago

After examining conservative belief and thought one of their main gripes is this. In their mind, should they be forced to provide for those they do not wish to provide for. I have thought about this. My question is this. Is there a way for people to get what they need without forcing those to provide it. Is there a way for people to live in peace even if they do not agree with each other? I do not believe humanity can be truthfully united in the way some people want. I believe humanity will more than likely always be fragmented as long as people do not agree on how things should be and how things should be done.

I have an alternative. I believe our problem truly lies with the amount of given space on the planet earth. Within that space, how much of our space is truly habitable. If this is accurate then this answers our question. http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/2281642

It is 52 square miles. What if there was a way to increase this habitability? I believe our solution lies in creating a dyson sphere. Imagine that we have so much land that we could fit a quadrillion earths. Right now this is impractical. I do not even think all of the resources in our solar system could create this super-structure. I believe with the exponential technology increase and knowledge increase in which the rate may be rising exponentially I believe we can create this super-structure within hundreds of years maybe thousands. Maybe we could use some kind of magnetic technology. Imagine we could create objects from the very atoms and subatomic particles that exist around us.

I believe humanity should be united to achieve this purpose. In math terms, I believe it is time to go outside of the subset into the superset. I believe then we can all have disagreements without being angry and hateful towards each other. If people in a group can't come to an agreement on things certain minority members can leave and form their own societies and groups. This is my vision for the future. Eventually, what if we can even go beyond this? If there are multiplicities of timelines that exist imagine we can create our own timelines. Imagine we could shape the nature of space from the beginning of all timelines to customize it the way each group of people wants it to be. We would all have disagreements in an infinite amount of areas and topics and that is ok.

Thinking within the infinite maybe we can start negating one of the laws of economics which is "resources are scare." I believe if there are an infinite amount of timelines possible I believe this is what mankind should achieve. Maybe there is something even greater. What if the amount of supersets and possibilities can never be truly complete? What if we could occupy the infinite and leave our planet in the dust?