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Forum Post: tylerdurden banned from chat again for what?

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 12, 2011, 3:42 p.m. EST by blackbloc (-19)
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usually i chat under the name tylerdurden. i would like to know why i have been banned once again by epi. this time for chatting about spirituality. check the logs so how have been banned for this exactly and why? it seems that epi has some sort of personal vendetta against me. it is not right my views are extremely tolerant and broad however it seems to me that some of the chat mods are extremely narrow minded. in addition why should someone from australia have a say and mod in american ows chat dont they have their own occupy there it is well a little strange but whatever. the point is there was nothing once again in my statements that runs counter to ows ideology if anything i was talking about broad ideas of acceptance and good in man only to be banned because in the epi own words "i do this all the time". yes i talk about spirituality all the time it is something this movement needs to be truly transformative. i just expect more form the mods. there apparently needs to be mods for the mods i know i am not the only one to have said this. ows chat has rules posted at the top of the chat people should never be banned for breaking some imaginary rule or challenging the self justified logic of mods. period. it runs counter to everything ows is about. if you break the posted rules in the chat that is one thing. but kicking people out and banning them from chat because you don't agree with their reasoning or point of view is childish and petty and runs counter to everything OWS stands for. controversial topics should not be off limit as well. it is hypocrisy plain and simple to make them so. if we can not discuss something at OWS just when and where in the hell should we discuss them? it is just really frustrating and disappointing to see this happen not just to me but to others in chat. some of the mods are far to opinionated to be mods and some of them lack any empathy for any point of view that runs counter to their own when they should be able to at least recognize some one else point of view and respect it. but no that is not what is being done. bottom line is it is not cool nor does it bode well for ows as a whole if even a minority of people in places of leadership (and yes being a mod is a place of leadership) act this way. we are supposed to at least hear people out unlike the 1% but it seems that even within ows there are a 1% who believe their point of view or logic is well above the 99% : (.



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