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Forum Post: Turning the tables on the privileged wealthy Facebook IPO speculators tomorrow morning

Posted 7 years ago on May 17, 2012, 9:30 p.m. EST by LDW (2)
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Wouldn't it be something if the little guys finally stuck it to the exclusive wealthy speculators who have the exclusive first buy in rights on the Facebook IPO tomorrow? They would do this by simply not buying any shares later in the day, week or month so the wealthy speculators can't make huge 1 day, 1 week or 1 month profits for doing nothing. This way and this time it's not the little guy who gets stuck --- like in the 2003 .Com bust!

Hyper-greed and super-hyped speculation is all over this IPO. It is for a company whose advertizing model seldom works for the advertiser and makes it's money mostly off "re-selling" your private information.

If you would like to see the little guy put it to the greedy Facebook IPO speculators, please spread the word... After all how many shares of the exclusive Facebook IPO did Facebook offer to any of its humble users for exclusively "re-selling and marketing" their private information?




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[-] 2 points by cherokeenation (-1) from New York, NY 7 years ago

Why so angry and bitter?

[-] 2 points by LDW (2) 7 years ago

Someone just sent me this fake Zukerberg letter ridiculing the Facebook IPO that is relevant and funny...

A letter to potential investors in Facebook, by Mark Zuckerberg:

Dear Potential Investor:

For years, you've wasted your time on Facebook. Now here’s your chance to waste your money on it, too.

Tomorrow is Facebook’s IPO, and I know what some of you are thinking. How will Facebook be any different from the dot-com bubble of the early 2000’s?

For one thing, those bad dot-com stocks were all speculation and hype, and weren’t based on real businesses. Facebook, on the other hand, is based on a solid foundation of angry birds and imaginary sheep.

Second, Facebook is the most successful social network in the world, enabling millions to share information of no interest with people they barely know.

Third, every time someone clicks on a Facebook ad, Facebook makes money. And while no one has ever done this on purpose, millions have done it by mistake while drunk. We totally stole this idea from iTunes.

Finally, if you invest in Facebook, you’ll be far from alone. As a result of using Facebook for the past few years, over 900 million people in the world have suffered mild to moderate brain damage, impairing their ability to make reasoned judgments. These will be your fellow Facebook investors.

With your help, if all goes as planned tomorrow, Facebook’s IPO will net $100 billion. To put that number in context, it would take JP Morgan four or five trades to lose that much money.

One last thing: what will, I, Mark Zuckerberg, do with the $18 billion I’m expected to earn from Facebook’s IPO? Well, I’m considering buying Greece, but that would still leave me with $18 billion. LOL.

Friend me,


[-] 1 points by TheMisfit (48) 7 years ago

Only a fool would buy stock in a social site. I hope the initial investors get stuck with that worthless stock, but I am willing to bet that there are a lot of suckers who will be paying over $100 a share by the end of the day.

[-] 1 points by fid2012 (1) 7 years ago

Facebook Independence Day, log off and move on by July 4th http://tinyurl.com/fid2012

[-] 1 points by SteveKJR1 (8) 7 years ago

So very true but you must realize that the vast majority of the people will ignore that and buy their stock anyway.